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Is this Jack the Ripper? 'Sinister' Dutch Sailor...

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  • Is this Jack the Ripper? 'Sinister' Dutch Sailor...

    Crime historian Dr Jan Bondeson has named Dutch sailor Hendrik de Jong as a 'credible' suspect in the murder of five prostitutes in Whitechapel, East London, in 1888.

    Is this Jack the Ripper? 'Sinister' Dutch Sailor...
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        NOTORIOUS killer Jack the Ripper may have been a Dutch serial-killing sailor, the latest theory has indicated. Crime historian Dr Jan Bondeson has named Hendrik de Jong as a prime suspect for the i…


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          Could ‘sinister’ Dutch sailor Hendrik de Jong have been the notorious Jack the Ripper? British tabloids The Sun and The Daily Mail think he may well have been.  They base their conclusions on an article by crime historian Jan Bondeson and Dutch researcher Bart Droog in the Ripperologist, a magazine dedicated to the serial killer. The identity of the man who killed and maimed at least five prostitutes in the working class area of Whitechapel in London in 1888 has...


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            The Sun-, The Daily Mail, The Times- and etcetera articles are utter b*ll.

            Hendrik de Jong was not a sailor, he was merely working for a couple of days as a steward on a British sailing vessel, on a trip from IJmuiden (NL) to Middlesbrough (NE-England), October 1892.

            There's absolutely no evidence linking him to the five Jack the Ripper murders in 1888.

            There's no evidence Hendrik de Jong was in England before Octobre 1892.

            There's no evidence Hendrik de Jong visited prostitutes.

            There's no evidence that he was a sexual deviant with a desire to kill prostitutes.

            He was a serial killer though, but there's only evidence he operated in this field in1893 and in 1898.

            There's a clear difference of modus operandi of Mr. the Ripper and Mr. de Jong.

            All claims Hendrik de Jong might be Jack the Ripper are based on gossip, rumours and mistranslations.



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              A 125 years old rumour popped up - AD (Dutch national newspaper)

              125 years old gossip popped up: was Jack the Ripper a Dutchman?

              The British tabloids show once again that conspiracy theories and gossip are of all times. A backflash from 1893 about the alleged Dutch identity of the notorious British serial killer Jack the Ripper has now found its way back to the British press - 125 years later. (...)

              Bonne Kerstens. 125 jaar oude roddel zingt weer rond: was Jack the Ripper een Hollander? AD, February 7, 2018.



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                Thanks Bart !


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                  No way Dutchman Hendrik de Jong was Jack the Ripper - RTL News

                  RTL is a Dutch commercial national broadcasting company

                  Was Dutchman Hendrik de Jong secretly also the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper? The boulevard press said so in 1893 and that rumour was revived this week. It turns out to be somewhat different. "De Jong wanted to hide his corpses."

                  Bart FM Droog, poet and researcher of (unsolved) murder cases together with the Swedish/Welsh Jan Bondeson wrote an extensive article about 'the Dutch Jack the Ripper', Hendrik de Jong. Their research was widely picked up in the British press.


                  "The Dutch press called him 'the Dutch Jack the Ripper' in 1893," says Droog. "And that is exactly what Hendrik de Jong was: a Dutch version, which on the other side of the Channel was mistakenly interpreted as: the Dutch think that Hendrik de Jong is the same person as Jack the Ripper."

                  There is no proof for that. "The horrific murders of Jack the Ripper were committed in 1888. Hendrik de Jong was not in London at the time, he was busy conning women in Amsterdam that year, that was his core business, and it is very unlikely that he would have travelled to England in 1888." (...)

                  Nederlander Hendrik de Jong wás Jack the Ripper helemaal niet. RTL Nieuws, February 8, 2018.


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                    Hendrik de Jong - The Dutch Jack the Ripper - Article in Dutch History Magazine

                    After reading a recently published report by Jan Bondeson, a British scientist, and Bart FM Droog, a Dutch researcher, British media suggested that Jack the Ripper was in reality a Dutch sailor named Hendrik de Jong. However, the British media have misread the article. The article is about Hendrik de Jong, a man who led a life that seems to have many similarities with the life of Jack the Ripper. Hendrik de Jong is referred to in the report as 'the Dutch Jack the Ripper', which is why the confusion has arisen. Who was Hendrik de Jong, the Dutch version of the famous serial killer Jack the Ripper? (...)

                    Sanne de Jong. Hendrik de Jong - The Dutch Jack the Ripper. Isgeschiedenis, February 2018.


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                      I don't think de Jong was JtR. That said, please forgive me for my entry into the Weekly Caption. It was wrong on so many levels but it takes a lot to get ahead of the twisted minds in the competition.
                      The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


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                        Het Nieuws (Belgium): Historian claims two victims of The Ripper were Belgian women

                        Wild claim, for which there's no evidence at all - BD

                        Did Jack the Ripper also make two Belgian victims? Historian is convinced

                        Jack the Ripper, it is undoubtedly one of the most imaginative serial killers of all time. Not least because the mystery is still not solved after 130 years. The question of who was the perpetrator keeps historians busy to this day. One of them is now thinking about the identity of Jack the Ripper. If his theory is correct, the killer has also made two Belgian victims. (...)

                        The Swedish-British historian Jan Bondeson is convinced that he has unmasked Jack the Ripper. (...) That's what he says in the British newspaper The Sun.

                        NADB. Maakte Jack the Ripper ook twee Belgische slachtoffers? Historicus is ervan overtuigd. Het Nieuws, Belgium, February 8, 2018.


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                          Vietnamese press [1]: Thân phận bất ngờ của sát nhân khét tiếng Jack the Ripper

                          Baomoi, February 9, 2018:


                          As far as I can understand a copy from The Sun rubbish.


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                            The Scottish Sun shines a light on the latest developments

                            Didn't know there exists a sun in Scotland; last and only time I was over there it rained all the time. Anyhow:

                            Who was Jack the Ripper and how many victims were there in London? Suspects, facts and theories for the Whitechapel murders

                            Neal Baker. The Scottish Sun, February 7, 2018

                            (...) "Crime historian Dr Jan Bondeson has named Hendrik de Jong as a prime suspect.

                            De Jong murdered two wives in his homeland and is believed to have travelled to London regularly."


                            I'm ever so glad I'm not mentioned in this rather wild claiming behaviour of my former collegue. Yes, De Jong has travelled to London. Two or three times. In 1893.


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                              Vietnamese press [2]:Than phan bat ngo cua sat nhan khet tieng Jack the Ripper

                              In the Vietbao, [s.a.]