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    La stampa britannica: “Jack lo Squartatore” era un marinaio olandese?

    Italian article, in: +31 Mag, Februari 9, 2018.

    The British press: "Jack the Ripper" was a Dutch sailor?

    "Obviously they have never read the entire study and research on it, because what we are statingis very far from the thesis that De Jong is Jack 'the Ripper'"

    (...) The British tabloids would base their insight on the article (...) that appeared in Ripperologist, a newspaper entirely dedicated to the serial killer.

    (...) Droog is amused by the conclusions made by the tabloids: "obviously they have never read the entire article (...) he tells AD. (...)

    Droog concludes: "Undoubtedly Hendrik de Jong was a late 19th century serial killer, but he had a different modus operandi than The Ripper."


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      Korean: 악명높은 살인마 잭 더 리퍼의 정체는 네덜란드 선원?

      Copy from The Sun crap, but... with the first photo of the actual Jack the Ripper and one of his victims. In colour!

      19세기 잔인한 연쇄살인마 잭 더 리퍼(Jack the Ripper)가 네덜란드 선원일지도 모른다는 주장이 나왔습니다. 그는 두 여성을 위험에 빠뜨리고 두 명의 전처를 살해한 것으로 의심되고 있습니다.

      영국의 역사학자 잔 본디슨(Jan Bondeson)이 최근 헨드릭 데 종(Hendrik de Jong)이라는 남자를 유력한 용의자로 지목했다고 영국 미러가 2월 7일(현지시간) 보도했습니다.


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        Rough translation of the Korean paper...

        The 19th-century brutal serial killer Jack the Ripper was claimed to be a Dutch sailor. He is suspected of endangering two women and murdering two former people.

        The British Mirror, a British historian, Jan Bondeson, who recently pointed out a man named Hendrik de Jong, a prime suspect, was reported on February 7 (CNN).

        At the time, Hendrik de Chong worked as a ship attendant regularly crossing London from Rotterdam. He had never been convicted, but was accused of killing and burying his wife in 1893. At the time, newspapers reported that the bloody surgery tool was found in his belongings.

        In 1898, killing other women in Belgium, he fled to the United States.

        The University of Cardiff, former instructor, Hendrik the Dutch newspaper to see the paper prostitutes and found that they had a pathological lie like "people without conscience."

        Dr. Hendrik said, "I rode a killer instinct, such as having to take a murder and get punished without punishment." He also told the Dutch police investigators to Hendrik the portraits of the species to the British side, and some of the locals found out about him.

        While the Hendrik de Chong has already been pointed out in the past, Dr. Samson estimated that he was a more credible culprit than dozens of other suspects.

        Jack the Ripper is a serial killer who murdered five or more prostitutes in a brutal manner from the East London White Chapel in London, England, from August 7 to November 10, 1888, for three months. The victims were cut halfway and the abdomen became incision and the organs were dug.


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          Hello Howard,

          That's what I call a fascinating translation.
          But I wonder, who are Dr. Hendrik and Dr. Samson?


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            Jack Spintecătorul (Romania)

            Translation of the recent fake news from the British gutter press.
            Only interesting part is that in Romania 'Jack the Ripper' is not presented as 'Jack the Ripper, but in Romanian translation: 'Jack Spintecătorul'.

            I've noticed this also happenend in Austrian (in German translation, of course) and French newspapers, when these reported on the Hendrik de Jong case in 1893.

            This means that it might be interesting to produce a list of all translations of 'Jack the Ripper', as aid for ripperologists.

            O ultimă teorie arată că Jack Spintecătorul era un marinar olandez obsedat de femei. Libertatea (Romania), 09-02-2018.


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              Slovakia: Jack Rozparovač.

              Yet more fake news, copied from the Brittish gutter press, which was feeded with it by Jan Bondeson - I really don't understand what insanity drove him to do this.


              FOTO Poznáme konečne tvár tajomného Jacka Rozparovača? Tento muž mal pred 130 rokmi vraždiť prostitútky! Pluska (Slovakia), [February, ?, 2018]


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                Slovakia (2)

                Or, the damaging influence of the Brittish gutter press to Ripperology.:

                Odhalia konečne identitu Jacka Rozparovača? Najnovšia teória ukazuje prstom na tohto muža! Nový Cas (Slowakia), February 9, 2018.



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                  Name 'Jack the Ripper' is sometimes translated

                  More important than all the fake news about Hendrik de Jong being Jack the Ripper is this:

                  In some countries the name Jack the Ripper is translated. Which means that anyone with a desire to research how e.g. the Italian newspapers reported on the Jack the Ripper case, they have to know the right name variant. So far I've located these:

                  German: Jack der Aufschlitzer (in use in Austria, 1888-1932)
                  Italian: Jack lo Squartatore
                  Romanian: Jack Spintecătorul
                  Slovakian: Jack Rozparovač


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                    That's what I call a fascinating translation.
                    But I wonder, who are Dr. Hendrik and Dr. Samson?

                    -Bart D-

                    No idea, Bart !
                    I'm actually more interested in the line that translated into : He is suspected of endangering two women and murdering two former people.
                    Hasfelmetsző Jack

                    Again, thanks for the articles.


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                      I'm actually more interested in the line that translated into : He is suspected of endangering two women and murdering two former people.
                      I suspect this is about the disappearance of Hendrik de Jong's English wife Sarah Juett and his Dutch mistress Maria Schmitz in 1893, and the two murders he comitted in Belgium, 1898.

                      Somewehere in the translation process this got mixed up. If not, the Koreans must have some secret knowledge about black magic in the Low Countries. The only 'former people' I know (not on a personal level, though) that one might murder are zombies, mummies or similar entities. But don't ask me 'how?'


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                        "Former people" might be a way of describing dead people in Korean. Like I found "pounding tools" in the Polish article. I should tear apart "pounding tools' and run it through Wiktionary. I was struggling with two computers and continuing irritation that Clipular won't clip anything for me--except what I need for my special project. As long as it performs there I'll be OK.

                        I don't know how to handle Korean unless one knows the alphabet.

                        "Former people" is hilarious. So the C-5 must also be former people? That should throw a kink in Ripperology. They were unfortunates in life and now are "former people". Surely that is not politically correct?
                        The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


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                          Well, no point in making this greater than it is. We don't know if something went wrong in the translation English-Korean, or in the translating-it-back-into-English process.

                          Much more important is that the original source is one of the insane articles on Hendrik de Jong that appeared in the British gutter press (The Times included, last week. And I know the source for these insane article. That's not the original article in the Ripperologist, but an insane press release issued by one of the original authors, for reasons unknown to me.


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                            February 17, 2018

                            Jack the Ripper Dutch? That’s a new one. According to Crime historian Dr. Jan Bondeson a Dutch sailor called Hendrik de Jong fits the profile of one of Britain’s most notorious killers, whose identity has never been uncovered: Jack the Ripper. De Jong brutally murdered two of his ex-wives in…


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                              Complete nonsense, this piece. It's a pity journalists don't bother to read the Ripperologist article on Hendrik de Jong.