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  • Wanted in Denmark?

    I was leafing through the Danish Foreign Ministry's case registry for 1898 and noticed the arrival in september 1898 of two letters concerning De Jong:

    from FO protocol

    q " September 10th - Belgian emissary sends wanted letter for Henri de Jong
    r " " 13th 5 Same about ditto ditto

    I wonder if such letters were sent to a lot of countries, just casting a wide net - or if something pointed to Denmark?

    The reading room is closed for now, so the letters are unavailable until it reopens.

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    Hello Kattrup,

    I think that the Belgian authorities sent such letters to all countries with which Belgium had diplomatic connections. Otherwise this wouldn´t have happened:

    In 1898 the police in Vienna (Austria) had arrested a man of whom they thought it was the fugitive Hendrik De Jong, This man was called The Jong indeed - but it was not "our" Hendrik de Jong.

    Source: NN. Hendrik de Jong. De Telegraaf, Amsterdam, 26-10-1898.


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      Thank you Bart. I might eventually see if the letters can be located, it will probably be a while though