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    I am watching a program on the Discovery channel where historian Mei Trow is putting forward the theory that JTR was a mortuary attendant named Robert Mann. Has anyone heard of this suspect before.

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    Yes, Mr. Trow's theory has been around for a couple of years now...he promotes Robert Mann as possibly being Jack The Ripper.
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      Hi all,

      It would seem that Mei Trow's theory is not new!
      The Star

      "T. C. M." writes: - May not the horrible murders of Whitechapel be the act of some insane butcher or dissecting-room porter? Mrs. Richardson's account of the ghastly sight of the last poor victim seems to bear out my theory of the crime being the deed of some miscreant who has been accustomed to some such work on the dead subject. As a medical man I am struck by the fact of the viscera being taken out and placed alongside of the unfortunate victim, as if for inspection by the demonstrator at a post-mortem examination. Anyhow, I think all dissecting room or post-mortem porters of the hospitals or mortuaries and even veterinary assistants should be scrutinised as to their state of mind also, and especially should some account be ascertained of all such persons who have lately left such situations, either of their own free will or by dismissal.
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      "From Hull, Hell and Halifax, Good Lord deliver us."


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        Excellent work locating the Sheffield account, Dave....we might actually have had that on the boards somewhere...but damn if I remember.
        Thank you buddy.
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          I'm watching a repeat of this programme now -its called "Jack the ripper-Killer revealed" - now on the discovery channel.
          Mei sure is passionate about his work and is absolutely convinced that Robert Mann is Jack the Ripper.
          Interesting stuff!


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            If you type or, in your case, Amazon your browser...and then search for "Quest For A Killer".....Mei's book appears...and you'll be able to give it a sneak peek.
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              Thanks How, i've looked at his book "Quest For A Killer" and read the reviews.
              There are people who aren't convinced with his argument stating that Robert Mann is JTR and indeed, that his evidence is flawed.
              What are your opinions on his argument How?

              I'm really loving researching about JTR but it sure is vast and complicated for a novice like me!!


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                My opinion would be that Mann is a non-starter as a suspect.
                Thank you for asking.
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                  The interesting part as well is listening to peoples views on who they suspect is JTR and the reasoning why.
                  As a complete novice i cant even begin to form an opinion yet but i can learn from other peoples theories then in time i can draw my own conclusions.
                  I've also not ruled out that JTR was a complete unknown and as yet not even been a suspect!

                  It sure is fascinating!!


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                    Originally posted by Mark Grice View Post
                    There are people who aren't convinced with his argument .....
                    Like perhaps, the majority?
                    I'll bet you could count on one hand how many are convinced, on second thoughts even that might be an exaggeration....

                    stating that Robert Mann is JTR and indeed, that his evidence is flawed.
                    Which is often the case with these types of books.

                    I'm really loving researching about JTR but it sure is vast and complicated for a novice like me!!
                    You will find it entertaining, to say the least...

                    Regards, Jon S.
                    Regards, Jon S.
                    The theory that the murderer is a lunatic is dispelled by the opinion given to the police by an expert in the treatment of lunacy patients......."If he's insane
                    " observed the medical authority, "he's a good deal sharper than those who are not".
                    Reynolds Newspaper, 4 Nov. 1888.


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                      So you aren't a fan of Mei Trow's theories either Jon?
                      There doesn't seem to be many believers of his theory!

                      Thanks Jon!



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                        There's an old saying in Ripperology, Mark...
                        "Put 12 Ripperologists in a room and you'll get 13 solutions..."
                        I think you'll find that fairly accurate as you go along, amigo.
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                          Ha-Ha, i like that How!!
                          It'll be the next millenia before i have a solution but it sure is fun reading other people's solutions and verdicts!
                          When you're new to this you cant give an educated opinion just yet, only read up and study and weigh up other opinions.
                          Its a learning curve for me!

                          By the way How, what exactly is a ripperologist?
                          Is it someone who studies JTR or is it someone who is an expert on JTR?


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                            If you study the Case...I suppose that qualifies one to call themselves or be called a Ripperologist.

                            The term was originally created by Colin Wilson, a British author who co-authored a book by a well respected Ripperologist named Robin Odell.
                            Mr. Odell's book "Ripperology" is one I neglected to mention on the thread you started. I'm sure its available in the UK.
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                              Thanks for clearing that up How!