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  • Homophobia

    There is evidence that some ripper suspects may have been gay, principally Druitt and Tumbletey. If they were gay it is very unlikely that they were JTR and they were possibly put forward as suspects because of their sexuality either due to prejudice or ignorance or both. Tumbletey was described as a 'woman hater', a euphemism for a homosexual. Was this taken literally by certain police officers? The police until a few years ago were institutionally homophobic, just read 'The Naked Civil Servant' by Quentin Crisp.

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    Hi Phillip. Keep in mind that homosexual men at the time would pretend to be woman haters, or say they were jilted by a woman and turned off them forever, in order to explain why they remained single and weren't seen in the company of woman. I believe such was the case with Tumblety. Not sure about Druitt. It doesn't mean it was true, of course, and I highly doubt Tumblety hated women. But if in the course of their investigations, police were told time and again that this was Tumblety's stance, it's hardly surprising that they believed it, and that would have bumped him up the suspect list somewhat.

    Yours truly,

    Tom Wescott


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      The weirdest thing about the 19th Century opinion about homosexual men was that they "hated" women. Some of the ones I read about in the LVP papers dressed up like women. How is that hating them ?
      The funny or maybe not so funny thing that heterosexual women are safer in the company of homosexual men then they are in the company of heterosexual men.
      I'm surprised to some extent that the police... at least well-versed policemen, that is....wouldn't know that nearly all of the violence perpetrated against women in their time were committed by significant others or other aggressive, straight men.
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        Interestingly enough, recently members of a radical Australian political party, led by former independent Bob Katter, came under fire for making statements to the effect that they would not want their children taught by homosexuals, and that homosexuals should be banned from teaching kindergarten students. Bear in mind these largely homophobic remarks were made in 2013, generally a much more open and accepting society than that of the Victorian era - perhaps it begs the question, then, if Druitt was indeed homosexual and this was discovered, as to whether this influenced his dismissal from Mr. Valentine's school in 1888 and, concerned about his reputation and in turn that of his family, it contributed to his suicide shortly afterwards?

        Let me be clear, I don't necessarily believe this to be the truth and i'm not convinced that Druitt was homosexual at all (for someone who was regularly in the public spotlight, his private life and activities are a bit of a mystery), but it is an interesting point to ponder given these recent events.

        Furthermore, do we know the police officers who named preferred suspects were themselves homophobic? I believe this question is very similar in nature to the one over anti-Semitism.

        Prejudice did and does exist, but at the end of the day evidence is evidence, and it's either there or it isn't.



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          Read carefully what Littlechild says to Sims.
          Best Wishes,
          Cris Malone
          "Objectivity comes from how the evidence is treated, not the nature of the evidence itself. Historians can be just as objective as any scientist."


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            Having read it, what are you encouraging us to see within it ?
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