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Number 7 Riversdale Road had not been known as Battlecrease

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    Originally posted by SirRobertAnderson View Post
    I don't want to be guilty of torturing your statement until it confesses, but "several large cash payments going out of Mike's account in 1994" intrigues me. To me, it indicates that perhaps several electricians had some claims on the cash, formally or informally. Explains the silence over all these years.
    Hi Robert,

    The cash withdrawals took place every other day over the course of a couple of weeks, so they may simply have reflected whatever daily cash withdrawal limit was imposed by Mike's bank.

    Now, I don't want to make the mistake of assuming UK and US law are the same. But over here, the receipt of over $1000 from stolen goods would turn the crime into a felony. However, the statute of limitations would apply and the electricians that stole the Diary out of Battlecrease would almost certainly not face prosecution if the crime had been committed here.
    There would of course have been no record of what Mike did with his cash if it was paid out as 'hush' money, and none of the parties involved was going to admit it if cash ever changed hands in respect of the diary, so there would be no evidence that the electricians gained a single penny from stolen property. The same would have applied to the watch if it was bought for cash, as so often happens with items of jewellery and other valuables sold to shops by individuals. No receipts are likely to come to light if theft is even remotely suspected.

    I don't think the electrician(s) would have anything to worry about today, so long after the event, and with Mike no longer here to spill any beans. But one can understand why anyone might still be reluctant to reveal all in the circumstances, especially if they were also suspected of 'fencing' the watch, which would have been more obviously valuable and fetched an immediate cash sum for any seller.


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      It's a terribly logical-sounding theory.....Mike and the Electricians.......