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James Maybrick’s Normanston Invasion

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  • James Maybrick’s Normanston Invasion

    Why was James Maybrick's name associated with a mysterious address in Birkenhead called 'Normanston'? Jay Hartley investigates.
    Author of 'Jack the Ripper: Threads' out now on Amazon > UK | USA | CA | AUS

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    Excellent work, Jay.


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      Fascinating, Jay.

      As you know, my mind can sometimes work overtime, and I do wonder about the five babies supposedly born to poor Sarah Robertson and fathered by a Maybrick, of whom there are no evident birth, death or baptism records. Were they all stillborn, or did they die shortly after birth? If the latter, should their births not all have been registered by law? If Sarah was not left to give birth alone, who helped with the deliveries, and why do we have no record, apart from what has been passed down to us in a couple of Maybrick sources? Allowing that these five children [apparently not stillbirths] were not simply invented by someone with intrigue or mischief in mind, what the hell was going on?

      You could write a whole new psychological thriller based on this stuff - but I suspect time will reveal that fact is indeed stranger than any fiction where the Maybricks are concerned.


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