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  • Working on the railway?

    During the period of the Whitechapel murders there was a large amount of railway works going on in the Whitechapel district. The Metropolitan District Railway was being extended eastwards from Whitechapel station which was a only a few yards from Bucks Row. Also in 1888 development was going on around Bishopsgate and Liverpool Street. Could JTR have been a railway navvy?

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    Are you suggesting Bob Crow as a Ripper suspect?

    Seriously are you suggesting a connection.. I believe people have in the past and I guess its not that different from the Sailor theories or Policeman/Mortuary attendants for that matter.

    An Irish Navey?

    Merry Xmas

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      I think Jack as railway worker was proposed by Bernard Brown.


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        Originally posted by Robert Linford View Post
        I think Jack as railway worker was proposed by Bernard Brown.
        Bernard Brown suggested that Jack could have been a railway policeman. The London Transport Police link for the article seems to be defunct but the article was pasted in an old Casebook thread discussing the theory. Also I thought that the following reply in another Casebook thread on the idea was interesting:


        I am very pleased that the account has caused some discussion. Although there would have been a considerable number of Railway Policemen in east London at the time of the murders, like other officers they would have been on fairly tight "fixed points" not only answering to their supervisors but also to the local station masters. A Police officer, railway or otherwise to have left his beat would have been a serious disciplinary matter and it is likely that they would be caught absent. Of course he may have been wearing his uniform off duty.....?

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          I am not suggesting that JTR was directly employed by a railway company but that he could have been employed by one of the contractors building the new railways.


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            The MDR side of Whitechapel and Mile End station was completed in 84 wasn't it Phillip? 4 years prior to the murders.



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              Whitechapel (Mile End) now just known as Whitechapel was opened as a terminus in 1884. The works to extend the line eastwards started later but there was work going on to enlarge the station in 1888 in connection with the link to the East London line.