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What Sort Of Man,This Joe Bloggs?

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  • What Sort Of Man,This Joe Bloggs?

    Inspired by Forums member Shelley, this section of the Suspects Forum will be devoted to observations as to what sort of man, our own Joe Bloggs, was.

    Was he a fairly typical East End proletarian worker...?

    Maybe a West End toff ?

    Was he two men?

    Let your imagination run wild on this thread, if you wish....

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    Who was Jack?

    Gday. i don't believe Jack is any of the suspects who've been thrown at us for over a century. I don't think Jack was anyone noteworthy. I believe, as the FBI profile asserts, he was a white male in his 20-30's etc. He had problems -BIG PROBLEMS- he knew how to cut open animals and I'm not expert enough to discuss whether or not he knew human anatomy. He saw a chance and he took it. He struck at whatever time worked for him - 5.30 to 6am with Annie Chapman, midnight maybe with Liz Stride etc. i don't myself think he was worried about detection. i think when the blood lust came on him he just had to..



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      Homeless Bound ?


      How about the reason he killed these women?

      Do you think there is a specific reason for these crimes, considering the risk factors, and locations?

      How about this for a starter on this thread....lets me and you do some chatting up here:

      Has anyone ever considered that the Ripper may have targetted sleeping or temporarily "homeless" women ?

      This might "eliminate" Stride and MJK...since Stride was awake...and Kelly was indoors as you know.

      Could Tabram,Nichols,Chapman and maybe Eddowes...been in the act of sleeping or trying to sleep when attacked?

      Eddowes would be a this very elastic theory....since it had rained on that night....and the street or area she was found in was undoubtedly wet.

      What do you think ? A killer....and a cowardly bastard at that...who preyed on the sleeping?

      How about this theory?

      A "Blitz" killer....who killed these women without approaching them for sex?

      What do you think? Has any theory as to motive been interesting to you other than these two?