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Arrests : Multiple Possible?

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  • Arrests : Multiple Possible?

    Lets use Joe Bloggs here as an imaginary suspect in the WM.

    Lets pretend he is detained ( or arrested as the Brits call it ) on Bucks Row in early September...three days after Nichols' murder.... for what appears to be a minor squabble with a pross. No actual violence, maybe a tug here and there...but the PC on the beat is taking no chances. He takes him off to the station. He's let go.

    Now...a week later, three days after Chapman's murder... our indefatigable Bloggsy is pinched on Flower & Dean for the same sort of incident. The PC is there to escort our deflated would be loverboy to the nearest station. Again, he's let go....

    My question is this: Did ALL detainees or arrested individuals go to the same station...Leman Street, if they were nabbed in Met turf?
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