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The man from Southampton

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  • The man from Southampton

    Hi all

    I came across this reference to a substantial knife being found in Whitechapel Rd

    I know there was a knife found that was a rusty table knife that could'nt possibly have been used in the Ripper crimes

    I was wondering though, how would this knife be connected to an arrest in Southampton?

    Do we know who was the man arrested?

    London Evening News Oct 1 1888

    Early this morning a police-constable was passing on his beat in the Whitechapel-road, when he came upon a black-handled knife, keen as a razor, and pointed like a carving-knife. The blade was ten inches long, about the length of weapon assumed by Dr. Phillips to have been used by the Hanbury-street murderer. It is looked upon by the police as supplying a link in the "man from Southampton arrest."

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    I have been trying to hunt this critter down but with nothing to show as of yet.

    One thing to consider here,old man...

    You stated : "I was wondering though, how would this knife be connected to an arrest in Southampton?"

    Actually, the article doesn't state that an arrest was made in Southampton, rather that the man who was arrested was from Southampton.

    I'm agonna keep trying for you pal.
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      Allow me to use this as an example of what I'm trying to do while looking for this man from Southampton.

      Some papers carried the arrests of people without specific details which are found in other papers later on and either published when said individuals were released.

      As a result, arrests aren't reported in full in one place to our obvious wishes and we have to try and put the two reports together from two different sources.

      This is an interesting mention in a Leeds paper halfway through September. I will try and find out ( How, I do not know...) if I can find the particulars of this person's release. I'm setting up a thread for these cases of arrests which only give one "half" ( the arrest OR the release ) of the story. Look for "Arrested Development".

      The Leeds Mercury (Leeds, England)
      Saturday, September 15, 1888

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