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Some notes on Barnett's sister...

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  • Some notes on Barnett's sister...

    Found these on an older PC...

    Joseph Barnett at Mary Kelly's inquest:
    Until Saturday last I lived at 24, New-street, Bishopsgate, and have since stayed at my sister's, 21, Portpool-lane, Gray's Inn-road.

    Joseph had only one sister, Catherine. In 1861 Joseph's parents, John and Catherine, were living at 2 Cartwright Street, Aldgate and his sister Catherine is listed as 8 years old and born in Aldgate. John Barnett died in 1864 in Whitechapel, and their mother, Catherine, mysteriously disappears from the records thereafter. In 1871 both Joseph and Catherine are listed living at 24 and a half Great Pearl Street with their older brother Daniel as head of household. At that time the ages given for the siblings are as follows:
    Daniel 20, Catherine 17, Joseph 13 and John 9. The oldest child of the family, Dennis,. aged 22, had already married by 1871 and set up his own household in Gossett Street.
    In 1881 Joseph is listed aged 22 in lodgings in Horatio Street, and his younger brother John as a visitor. Dennis was living at Goulston's Buildings, and Daniel was in lodgings in Aldred Street. However, of Joseph's sister Catherine there is no mention among the now fragmented family.
    Catherine's age is given in 1861 as 8 (born Aldgate) and in 1871 as 17 (born Whitechapel). The year of her birth would thus be 1853 or 1854. Her birth was actually registered (under a variant spelling) as follows:
    1853 Oct-Dec
    Catharine Barnett
    Vol 1c Page 377
    By the 1881 census she would 27 years of age.
    In 1871 (Jul to Sep) she married Joseph Beer at Shoreditch. Joseph Beer is listed in the 1871 census, just a few months before the marriage, as a brewer's labourer, living at 10 Little Pearl Street with his widowed mother Elizabeth, born in Devon, and brothers Charles and Alexander. His age at that time is given as 20 and he is listed as born in Spitalfields. he was actually named Joseph Benjamin Beer and his birth registered in the last quarter of 1850 in Bethnal Green.
    In 1881 the married couple, Joseph Beer and Barnett's sister Catherine, are listed as follows:
    21 Splidt Street, St George in the East
    Head: Joseph Beer aged 30 born Whitechapel - Carman
    Wife: Catherine Beer aged 27 born Whitechapel
    Catherine aged 7
    Elizabeth aged 5
    Both born in Whitechapel
    In 1891 the couple are listed, for reasons unknown, under the surname of Bell as follows:
    5 Providence Place, Clerkenwell
    Head: Joseph Bell aged 41 - Carman
    Wife: Katherine aged 38
    Katherine aged 17
    Elizabeth aged 15
    Mary aged 9
    Rebecca aged 5
    Joseph aged 3
    All residents born in London
    The handwriting on this enumerator's sheet is unusually clear and the surname is undoubtedly given as Bell. The proper surname of Beer is again used in the 1901 census:
    7 Beauchamp Street, Holborn
    Head: Joseph B Beer aged 50 born Bethnal Green - Carman (Coal)
    Wife: Catherine Beer aged 48 born Whitechapel
    Mary L aged 19 born Whitechapel - Tinplate worker
    Rebecca aged 16 born Clerkenwell - Artificial flower maker
    Joseph B aged 12 born Clerkenwell

    Joseph Beer died in Islington in 1916, his age at death being given as 63 (he was actually 66).
    A Catherine Beer of the right age died in Elham, Kent, in 1911 aged 58 but it is not certain that this is Barnett's sister.

    So, the addresses we have for Catherine Barnett/Beer are as follows:
    April 1861 - 2 Cartwright Street
    April 1871 - 24 and half Great Pearl Street
    April 1881 - 21 Splidt Street
    November 1888 - 21 Portpool Lane
    April 1891 - 5 Providence Place
    April 1901 - 7 Beauchamp Street

    10 Ann's Place, Clerkenwell
    Head: Joseph Benjamin Beer aged 60 born Bethnal Green - Coal porter
    Wife: Catharine Beer aged 58 born Whitechapel
    Years married: 39
    Children born alive: 14
    Children still living: 4
    Children died: 10
    Mary aged 29 born Whitechapel - Assistant (Book)
    Rebecca aged 25 born Whitechapel - Machinist (Blouse)
    Louisa Beer aged 18 born Holborn - Packer

    The missing child, their only surviving son, is listed in 1911 as follows:-
    8 Merlins Place, Clerkenwell
    Head: Joseph Benjamin Beer aged 23 born Holborn - Fish porter
    Wife: Eliza Porter aged 21 born Holborn
    Years married: Under one

    Full family listing:
    Joseph Benjamin Beer
    Born 20 October 1850 in Bethnal Green
    Died 1916 in islington
    Wife: Catherine Barnett
    Born 1853 in Aldgate
    Died December 1911 in Elham, Kent

    Married 1871 in Shoreditch

    Children (surviving to adulthood)
    Kate Katarine Beer born 1874 in Whitechapel
    Married John Millichamp in 1892 at Holborn.
    John Millichamp born 1894 in Holborn
    Elizabeth Millichamp born 1899 in Holborn
    Elizabeth Beer born 1876 in Whitechapel, died 1901 in Holborn
    Louisa Mary Beer born 1883 in Whitechapel
    Rebecca Beer born 1886 in Holborn
    Joseph Benjamin Beer born 10 May 1888 in Clerkenwell, died 1 July 1916 in Flanders.