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Is this Le Grand's marriage certificate?

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    Lol. Here in Chicago it's still the early afternoon.

    Sending you over the guy with a similar name to “Christian Neilson" first, list will follow, trying to reduce said list as much as possible.
    Best regards,


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      Originally posted by Debra Arif View Post
      I'm going to send half to Harry.

      oh, it's wine o'clock already.
      Anything that lets us get this Le Grand man nailed down. :-)


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        Originally posted by Maria Birbili View Post

        Was wondering if Debs or Harry Poland might be interested in collaborating in researching this? They could look up sons and criminal records in Ancestry UK, and I could physically look for criminal records of sons of Danish diplomats stationed in Paris at the Archives de Paris in May. (Where also Ostrog's files are kept.)
        Anything to try and get to the bottom of this. I've not got a great deal of time on my hands for the next few weeks though


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          Originally posted by Robert Linford View Post
          From the electorals, Elizabeth seems to have lived at 15 Ifield till very late, then switching to 49 Ifield. I couldn't find Charles Grand(e) in Kensington but there was one Charles Le Grand at 111 Brockley Rise Kensington in 1902.
          Another small coincidence. You may recall the man named Patrick Manning who was stabbed in Dorset Street by Henry Buckley. Looking for him, I have only found 3 likely men of that name living in London in 1891. Intriguingly one was a gas stoker living in Stanley Road, Fulham, the same street and at around the same time (mid-late 1880s) as Adrianus Morgenstern, also a gas stoker.

          Ffwd to 1901 and Manning is living at 37, Ifield Road, Kensington.

          I’ve made an enquiry at the LH Archives to see if I can discover the address of the man who was stabbed by Buckley.