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Grande not Danish-educated engineer

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  • Grande not Danish-educated engineer

    Just sent by the National Archives today, looked through registry of students from the Danish Polytechnic Institute, founded 1829.

    Since Grande was said in his 1877-conviction to be a civil engineer, he would have attended the Polytechnic if educated in Denmark.

    I also checked registry of architect students.

    There were no Grandes and only two Christian Nielsenís, both easily dismissed as possibles, for the relevant time period.

    He could have used a different name, was educated some place else, or was not an engineer at all, nor an architect.

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    Hi Kattrup,

    I believe James Hall, LeGrandes partner in crime, was a clerk at Polytechnic wasn't he? Maybe a connection there?


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      Originally posted by Jerry Dunlop View Post
      I believe James Hall, LeGrandes partner in crime, was a clerk at Polytechnic wasn't he? Maybe a connection there?
      Interesting, but I donít think he met Hall until the 1880s, though?

      By which point I assume he was well past engineer as self-identification.


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        Nice work, Kattrup
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          When I researched Le Grand's addresses, one of them was about next door to an office or something of a recognised engineer. I didn't keep any notes on this because I thought it was probably too tenuous for a number of reasons. Years didn't line up. If I recall, the engineer's office or business was in the location a few years before Le Grand was living somewhere like the house next door. So I couldn't even really theorise that maybe he saw "Engineer" as part of the address and decided to call himself one.

          I want to say the engineer with the office was famous or there was a famous engineering firm or something like that. The information could probably be backtracked but I have not seen anything that would support the idea.

          What I have written here is very clumsy and not well explained. One of my thoughts concerning an engineering firm being more or less next door to a Le Grand address was if he claimed an affinity with this business but like I said, it seemed the engineering business was noted a few years before LeGrand lived there so there could be absolutely nothing valid in my thoughts.
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