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Letter 1900: who is this Charles Grand?

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  • Letter 1900: who is this Charles Grand?

    Letter from Kammerherre de Bille, the Danish ambassador to Great Britain, to the Danish viceconsul Julius Clan:

    24 Pont Str. SW

    Good Friday 13/4 1900

    My dear viceconsul

    I ask you to familiarize yourself with the attached letter and tell me if by the general consulate some contribution can be made to further clarify the matter. I know that general consul Delcomyn is absent, but not when he comes back and I do not want to annoy him with correspondance during his holiday.

    I have a vague memory of once having received a similar request like this from some prisoner or other and that the case turned out completely hopeless but I cannot in the files find anything that closely matches the present case, and I am quite certain that I have not, as mentioned in the letter, had a conference about revising a sentence with the Lord Chancellor or the Home Secretary.

    Who is Charles Grand? is he Danish? why does he write in French in the text but Danish-English in the address? Maybe it is necessary to await the return of general consul Delcomyn before complete information can be obtained but perhaps you can tell me whether something about the case exists.

    Your devoted

    T Bille

    The letter is asked to be returned or kept until D's return
    Attached Files

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    Please note that the purported meeting of Bille and the Lord Chancellor and Home Secretary is referenced in this letter from the consulate to Grande, 1896:

    As mentioned in the thread about the references to letters, we know that Clan replied, and that there was a letter from the Home Office about Grande as well

    So far, I have not been able to locate any of those letters.


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      Very interesting. Thanks for posting these. Kattrup.