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    Here's an article that refers to the Plough-street buildings that was the residence of Nathan Rueben, it also mentions a familiar name connected to the JtR case -

    AT the Thames Police-court, on Saturday, Daniel Harrington and Frank Murphy were charged with being concerned with two others already in custody in bur-lariously<sic> breaking and entering the premises of William Taylor, a draper, of 1, Plough-street, Whitechapel, and stealing therefrom property worth £20; and Murphy was further charged with stealing a lamp from the house of Mark Stellman, a musical instrument maker, of Colchester-street, Whitechapel. On the previous night Patrick Henwright, a plain-clothes sergeant of the H-Division, was in Alie-street, Whitechapel, when he saw the prisoners together, Murphy having a lamp in his hand, and, catching sight of Henwright, whom they knew, both made off, pursued by the sergeant, who captured Murphy after a smart chase, but Harrington escaped. Mr Stellman afterwards identified the lamp as his property, which had been stolen from his house on the previous night, and Murphy was recognised as one of the party concerned in breaking into the shop in Plough-street. On the previous night Stephen White and Joseph Newman, plain clothes sergeants of the H-division, were on duty in Leman-street, when the prisoner Harrington came up to them and said “I want to give myself up for stealing those things at Plough-street last week. I went with two others into the shop, and took the clothing and handed it out of the window to Pat Harrington and another chap whose name I don’t want to mention, took all the things to Mrs Robinson’s house, and she pledged them for us. Pat Harrington gave me some money. I, Murphy, and another man lowered ourselves down with a rope from the window of a model lodging-house into the area, and broke into the cellar. we took all the things to Mrs. Robinson in a barrow.” Murphy was confronted with Harrington, and that prisoner, on seeing him, said, “yes, that is the man who assisted me to steal the clothes,” to which Murphy made no reply. Mr Lushington remanded the prisoners for a week. - The Illustrated Police News 24 Nov 1883


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      Originally posted by Jon Simons
      Two familiar names .. White and Patrick (H)Enright.
      oh wow! I never thought, thanks very much Jon