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John Landy's "Man in False Moustache"

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  • John Landy's "Man in False Moustache"

    Recently, A.P. Wolf unearthed an article which touched on a man who sold disguises. If someone can locate that URL before me,please do so and affix it to this thread.

    In early October of 1888, a man named John Landy and another fellow followed a mysterious American ( the story was covered in the Daily News of October 9th ) who had been arrested the previous morning and whose conduct seemed suspicious. Landy and his cohort followed this man down Leman Street, to Royal Mint St. and finally across to King Street, where Landy and his partner waited for him to emerge from a house 25 minutes or so later....wearing new clothes and a moustache.

    Any thoughts?
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    Many thanks for Raven's help here.-HB


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      Hi Ali
      Charles Fox is still a haven of wonderfulness in Covent Gdn
      Blimey Ali!!!!We could go in and come out looking well........quite different!!...but dear God the wonderfulness of stage make up- and the smell!!!! is ........well wonderful!!!!

      We're going to have to go!!!!!!

      Follow the Charles Fox web page down here- you can go in as Suzi or Ali or whoever and come out as George Chapman,Mr Blotchy...or even Diddles a price!!! heeeeeeeee!!

      Fabulous place!!


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        Hi Suz! our "come to work as a goth day" was bad enough, we raised over 100 and all the staff really made a wonderful effort (bless 'em!) - the guys were great in wigs, one grandfather looked just like Ozzy (I will PM you the pics when I scan them in the computer)

        Apparently it is the eyebrows that make the difference facially, if trying to disguise yourself properly (useless fact #1001)

        NB *Note to Ali and Suz on entering the Twilight Home for Bewildered Ripperologists - We could make a fortune transforming the other Residents into their favorite suspect or victim! - we just need to invest in some wigs and theatrical make up now before we lose our short term memory and forget!


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          Bugger!!!! dont want to go down the Co Co/Beryl Reid/Dora Bryan route with eyebrows heeeeeeeeeee!!!!! But I want to see those pics!!!!!!!!!!

          OK lets do the wandering mindlessly around Covent Gdn and OMG Ive bought some Abba BLUE eyeshadow Gawd a couple of slurps and it may be the Aqua!!!!!!!!He heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

          The Seaside Home for Bewildered Feline Friends is always open for visitors heeeeeee!!! A Purrrrfect way to spend an afternoon....or year or two!!!

          DONT even go there Sam!

          ANYWAY ...back to AP's ref!!!