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Whereabouts in 1888?

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  • Whereabouts in 1888?

    Interesting isn't it that the Broadmoor files on Thomas Cutbush finally allow us to place his whereabouts during that 'Autumn of Terror' by disclosing the fact that Thomas was complaining to Dr Brookes that he had been poisoned by the good doctor in November of 1888 by giving him 'red lead', and threatening to sue him for £5000 for doing so.
    This finally settles a misgiving of mine that Thomas Cutbush might have been confined in an private asylum during the autumn of 1888.
    Well, he wasn't. He was 'rambling' around Whitechapel.
    Also the 'attack' he is suffering from upon admission to Broadmoor in early 1891 is described in the file as having a duration of two and a half years.
    Bang in the middle of the 'Autumn of Terror'.

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    Thanks for sharing that AP. Instructive information certainly.


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      Yes AP, we know he was at large. It's a pity we can't find him working in the area - perhaps canvassing or something like that.

      It's also a pity that when Morris was sweeping the stairs on the 30th, he didn't sweep up an old man.


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        But Robert,the Lloyds article is quite specific.His aunt says he had a job with a Tea Company in the Minories and then worked as a clerk until about two and a half years before when he stayed home "overworking his brain " with studies!This was said in 1891 placing him "at home" around November 9 1888----firing off letters when he was not "overworking his brain"!


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          Hi Nats

          He got quite shirty in the aylum if his books were taken from him.


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            I'm wondering whether shortly after 1888 his family had Thomas confined to some kind of private institution, such as the Royal Masonic Benevolent Asylum, where Brother William Cutbush served as the 'Life Governor'? That would have been very handy!