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Cutbush and the Macnaghten Memoranda

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    Well Robert,

    Technically speaking, Commissioners were not Constables, they were Justices of the Peace.

    Until 1972 that is.



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      Blimey! From PC to JP.


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        The Thames Police are part of the Metropolitan Police. The Museum of the Thames Police is in Wapping not far from the site of the East End murders. See, wherein we read:

        The Thames River Police Museum is located in what was once the carpenter’s workshop at Wapping Police Station. Situated within the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police’s Marine Police Unit, the Museum offers visitors a unique insight into the history of the World’s first police force.

        Exhibits include uniforms and documents, which trace the history of the Thames River Police from its inception in 1798 to the present day. There is also a fine collection of the every day “Hardware” of policing from handcuffs to cutlasses.

        Because the museum is housed within a working police station, visits must be arranged by prior appointment. Visits are normally conducted by the Honourary Curator, a retired serving officer with many years experience of policing the river.

        The Museum will fascinate those interested in the history of policing or simply anyone interested in the history of the River Thames.

        Enquiries should be addressed to:

        Thames Police Museum
        Wapping Police Station
        Wapping High Street
        E1W 2NE

        enclosing a stamped self-addressed envelope.

        Anyone wishing to contact the Museum may do so by sending an email to the Hon. Curator at this address.
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