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Winston Churchill Was Jack the Ripper

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  • Winston Churchill Was Jack the Ripper

    Cementing O Neill s reputation as one of the most original and inventive comics around, Winston Churchill Was Jack the Ripper is based around the hypothesis that Britain s Most Notorious Serial Killer was also Britain's Greatest Prime Minister

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      Hi Tim,

      I guess I have heard them all now about poor ole Winnie the Boogy Man. I remember when I was studying the Lusitania and heard the theory that he was glad the Lusitania was sunk because it brought America into the war.

      Theory- Supposedly, Churchill was hoping that a ship would get torpedoed by the Germans and American lives would be lost so he could swing public opinion in the States away from Germany. It certainly worked to his advantage. So folks came up with that cockamamie theory.

      So this latest gem does not surprise me at all.


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        He's a committed anarchist but he's at the forefront? Hmmmm....


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          The fact that he was 13 at the time is only a minor inconvenience.



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            IIRC his father, Lord Randolph Churchill, was mooted as a JTR suspect.


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              Oh! The allure of "The Highest in the Land"!

              Of course Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, PC, DL, FRS, Hon. RA (1874–1965) makes for a poor Jack the Ripper suspect because he was barely out of short pants when the Ripper murders occurred.

              Now, former British prime minister William Ewart Gladstone has been suggested as a possible Ripper suspect, because he had a penchant for wandering the streets at night trying to "save" fallen women. Never mind that he was on his country estate at Hawarden near Chester chopping wood at the time.

              Isn't it strange that the serving Prime Minister at the time of the murders, the Marquess of Salisbury, has never, to my knowledge, been named as a Jack the Ripper suspect. Aw.... Whoops.... Have I spoken too soon????

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                As Churchill might have said, never in the field of human convicts have so many Prime Ministers been suspected by so few.


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                  Well Queen Victoria and Belgian royalty have been mooted as possible suspects before as well, so the Churchill's are in good company.

                  One can just imagine 13 year old Winston turning up at the palace after a fruitless night on the streets of Whitechapel to hear: "Winston, I am not amused!"



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                    Imagine what Jennie Jerome Churchill had to say to her boy.

                    "Winston, you naughty boy, you must stop 'associating' with those poor unfortunates of Whitechaple. The police came again and took your father away for questioning and he will be ever so cross after a night spent answering questions."