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Is This The Same Grainger ?

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  • Is This The Same Grainger ?

    I'm not sure offhand whether William Grant Grainger served the full ten year term he was issued back in 1895 for assaulting Alice Graham. I think I remember someone mentioning ( or maybe I read it ) that he served 7 years for that crime. He was in Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight in 1901 according to the UK census.

    In any event, could this be the same individual ?

    The A to Z states that Grainger was usually, but not always, referred to as William Grant.

    Maybe its worth a look,I dunno.

    Curiously, there is another William Grainger mentioned in the same paper but in September, a rabbit catcher charged with a petty crime.

    Daily Mail
    February 3, 1903