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Jack the Ripper's knife

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  • Jack the Ripper's knife

    I notice in the A-Z in the section about Donald Rumbelow's knife that it mentions Douglas Browne's comment from "The Rise of Scotland Yard" which states...

    "A friend of the writer's possesses one of two surgical knives said to have been left by the Ripper beside his victims"

    ...and that the A-Z says no such abandoned knives are known

    I have a couple of questions about that

    Dorothy Stroud MBE was given a set of two knives in a bloodtained box in 1937 and she said she gave one away

    Was this prior to 1956 when Douglas Browne's book was published?

    The knife was made by J Weiss of Bond St - how obvious is that fact by looking at the knife?

    I ask because Grainger used a surgical knife which was abandoned in the street and it was only his solicitor George Kebbell who surmised that it was of American origin

    There is the possibility that upon investigation, perhaps at his lodgings, that Grainger had such a set of knives which was never mentioned by the police, who did not verify that Grainger had any medical training

    Do you think it possible that Donald Rumbelow's knife was Grainger's?