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  • Posting Guidelines

    Please note the following guidelines for posting on jtrforums, which are intended to keep everything running smoothly and foster productive discussion:

    (1) Please maintain a basic level of civility when posting. Talk about the topic of discussion rather than talking about the people you are discussing it with. Don't call people names and don't post personal criticisms, whether about people's intelligence, honesty, personality or whatever. Don't accuse people of lying or deliberately misleading. Any posts containing material like that are liable to be removed.

    (2) Do not refer to personal disagreements or personal arguments that occurred on other websites, or actions taken by the moderators of other sites. Any posts containing such references will be removed immediately.

    (3) Please be considerate and and avoid raising issues that divert the discussion away from the subject of the thread. For example, in a thread about a particular suspect, please don't start discussing another suspect unless there is some direct relevance. If a thread is in danger of going completely off-topic, the moderators may start an alternative thread where the off-topic discussion can continue.

    (4) If you think a post breaks the rules, please flag it for attention using the button provided, rather than replying to it. If someone does post a personal insult, don't respond.

    (5) As a last resort, the moderators may suspend or cancel membership of the site.

    (6) The decisions of the moderators are final. Any public criticism of their decisions will be deleted.