I did a massive clean up a few days ago ( actually over a three day period) of the boards.

You may have noticed that the Individual Forums section and the Captions section have been deleted.

I also erased over 15,000 posts in the Administration section where I had 'stashed' obsolete threads and other items. This deletion of these three sections removed over 80,000 posts. Nothing of significance was removed.

Today, I ran a back up of the boards. I hadn't run one since the last day of the three day deletion.

Anyway, you would figure that this deletion of 20 percent of the site's content would manifest itself in a smaller back up volume. The reverse occurred.

The back up figures for the day prior to the removal was 551,090, 214 bytes.

Today it reads :: 631,460,778 bytes...a pretty big jump when it seems it should have been a pretty big drop.

Any issues, remember to let me know.