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  • The Cowkeeper’s Wish

    I received my copy of this book this morning. It?s the story of the family of a couple who had walked from Wales to London in the 1840s and settled in Red Cross Street in the Borough. They took their cows with them to Southwark and the man (Benjamin Jones) set himself up as a cowman/dairyman there. We?ve come across the cliche of the Welsh cowman/dairyman many times before: there was one in Liz Stride?s Princes(Swedenborg) Square for instance, and throughout the 19thC a string of them operated out of Barber?s Yard in Hanbury Street.

    Red Cross Street is of course where John McCarthy and his family lived at one point, so they may well have bought their daily pintas from Jones the Milk.

    The JTR connections don?t stop there. Some of the family later moved to Spitalfields and there is a lot of stuff about conditions in the area. The WM are touched on and there?s even a suggested connection between the family and Catherine Eddows? daughter ?Annie? Phillips.

    One family member (a granddaughter of the original Welsh couple) spent time in the Stone Asylum shortly after Bridget Enright, which is what caused me to buy the book in the first place. Bridget?s family had also made the journey from Wales to London.

    I?ve only flicked through the book so far, but I?m looking forward to getting stuck into the detail later.