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    Originally posted by Gary Barnett View Post

    Hi Mr Lucky,

    Happy New Year!

    I’m sure you will enjoy Christer’s book as much as I did.

    I’m curious about your mention of Robert Whiffen being on the fringes of the case. Are you referring to the Harrison, Barber yard man who allegedly stole a ring belonging to Alfred Barber?

    Hi Gary,

    Yes, that's the guy. Have you found out anything about him whilst looking in to horse slaughtering?

    Happy New Year to you too


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      Mr L,

      It’s a while since I looked at the horse slaughtering stuff, but the 1921 census has reignited my interest. The one thing I do remember about Whiffen is that he seems to have been back working for HB by 1891.

      I imagine there were a number of HB’s Whitechapel employees in 1888 whose names we aren’t familiar with through the case. Whiffen is obviously one, another is Fred Ling, for whom it seems my paternal grandfather worked ca 1920. Ling was another Essex boy, like Mumford, Britain (however you spell it) Wand etc. The Tomkins’s, at least 3 of them, perhaps 4, were outsiders, having only recently arrived from Manchester.