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    For my own use I extracted a list of the Jack related titles on Kindle (on and thought it might be of use to post here
    Please note that this contains both fiction and non-fiction titles
    This listing gives title, author(s) and price in GBP

    JTR titles on Kindle

    1888: A Jack the Ripper Novel Revell-Smith Charlie 1.53
    Anno Dracula Newman Kim 5.69
    Autobiography of Jack the Ripper Carnac James 9.49
    Blood Legacy Hose Carl & Hose Marcella 2.6
    Bloodstains Mudgett Jeff 3.92
    Bloody London Morgan R G 2.06
    Carroty Nell: Last Victim of Jack the Ripper Keefe John 6.55
    Complete History of Jack the Ripper Sugden Philip 3.35
    Complete Jack the Ripper Rumbelow Donald 8.99
    Crimes of Jack the Ripper Roland Paul 2.5
    Crimes of Jack the Ripper – Whitechapel Murders Re-Examined Roland Paul 0.99
    Criminal Investigative Analysis of Jack the Ripper Douglas John 1.92
    Dark Streets of Whitechapel Flowers R. Barri 4.54
    Der Jack the Ripper Jager Herger Gregory 4.49
    Det Atem des Rippers Claus Martin 2.47
    Dracula Meets Jack the Ripper Druxman Michael B 6.39
    Dracula Secrets Storey Neil 12.6
    Entre Las Sombras: Londres 1888 Hernandez-Montano Enrique 4.63
    Ernestine Peters Nell 0.77
    Fathers of Myth Wyatt Richard 1.95
    Final Cut Carter Jonathan 0.77
    Gefahrlicher Liebhaber – Jagd auf Jack the Ripper Norton Cassandra 7.99
    Handbook for Attendant on the Insane: Autobiography of Jack the Ripper Farjeon Clanash 6.55
    Hi Ripping Portizo Peter 0.77
    Hidden Suspect – The Whitechapel Murders Pearse Frank 0.77
    Holmes the Ripper Brennan Bruce 1.93
    I am Jack – Confessions of the Whitechapel Ripper Goulden Shirley 6.27
    Illustrated Jack the Ripper Reed Gary & Bloodworth Mark 1.28
    In Hell Gosling Glen John 2.98
    In Miller's Court Hoffman Andrew 2.55
    In Pursuit of Jack the Ripper Snow Robert A 5.77
    In the Autumn of the Unfortunates Treagus Christopher 3.86
    In the Footsteps of the Whitechapel Murders Plimmer John F 3.19
    Inspector George Abberline and Jack the Ripper Thurgood Peter 3.97
    Jack Patino Irene 3.2
    Jack – Grim Reaper Romance Taylor Calista 1.94
    Jack l'Eventreur Desnos Robert 3.08
    Jack the Ripper – Erotic Odyssey De Larentus Isabella 6.31
    "Jack the Ripper – His Life, Times and Identity" Zabell Gerald 1.96
    Jack the Ripper – Old Into New Ridner Melanie 6.48
    Jack the Ripper – Pocket Essentials Whitehead Mark & Rivett Miriam 4.28
    Jack the Ripper – Secret Secret Service Slemen Tom 1.95
    Jack the Ripper – Through the Mists of Times Hodgson Peter 4.31
    Jack the Ripper and Black Magic Dimolanis Spiro & Evans Stewart P 16.64
    Jack the Ripper and East End Werner Alex & Ackroyd Peter 12.99
    Jack the Ripper and London Press Curtis L 38.5
    Jack the Ripper Location Photographs Hutchinson Philip 6.7
    Jack the Ripper vs Sherlock Holmes Duke Phillip 3.33
    Jack the Ripper: 1888 London East End Serial Killer Ashley James 3.31
    Jack the Ripper: 21st Century Investigation Marriott Trevor 3.43
    Jack the Ripper: Case for Scotland Yard's Prime Suspect House Robert & Hazelwood Roy 9.3
    "Jack the Ripper: Crime, War & Conflict" iMinds 0.49
    Jack the Ripper: Hand of a Woman Morris John 5.39
    Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade Yoo Je Tae 3.35
    Jack the Ripper: Quest for a Killer Trow M J 7.2
    Jack the Ripper: The Simple Truth Paley Bruce 1.53
    Jack the Ripper: Whitechapel Murderer Lynch Terry 7.71
    Jack the Ripper's Secret Confession Cawthorne Nigel & Monaghan David 5.98
    Jack the Theorist Hartless Jon 1.97
    Jack y las Mujeres Munoz Sadder & Alejandro 3.25
    Jack's Place Kenning Steve 0.77
    Las Cartas de Jack El Destripador 1888-89 Terrisse Javier & Estelrich Maria 1.32
    London of Jack the Ripper: Then and Now Clack Rob & Hutchinson Philip 3.32
    Lost Souls Winfield Scott et al 3.84
    Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Jakubowski Maxim 5.69
    Man Who Would be Jack: Hunt for the Real Ripper Bullock David 12.6
    Midnight Prowl Though Victorian London Goldsmid Howard & Stubley Peter 8.45
    Mr. Jitterbones Fuchs A P 0.77
    Mysteries of Jack the Ripper Patrick N S 3.25
    Of Thimble and Threat: Life of a Ripper Victim Clark Alan M 5.08
    Once a London Girl Richard R 0.77
    Partnership from Hell Whitmore Simon 2
    Passion of the Ripper Nicastro Nicholas 3.89
    Pierce Ackles and Leather Apron: Tale of Jack the Ripper Harrop D B 1.97
    Poison Murders of Jack the Ripper Gordon R Michael 16.64
    Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper – Case Closed Cornwell Patricia 4.99
    Prince of Quacks Riordan Timothy B 16.64
    Private Life of Jack the Ripper Gordon Richard 6.17
    Reckoning of Jack the Ripper Barresi Mark 2.66
    Rhondda Ripper Dobbs G M 2.06
    RipHer Leslie Lee 3.35
    Ripper (A Novel) Reeves Amy Carol 6.66
    Ripper Code Toughill Thomas 10.52
    Ripper Legacy (Graphic Novel) Alexander Jim & Bloodworth Mark 1.96
    Ripper Secret Steel Jack 4.99
    Ripper's Redemption Applebee Jacqueline 3.88
    Ripper's Revenge Light Donnie & Weaver Shawm 1.91
    Ripper's Row Light Donnie & Weaver Shawm 0
    Rose Riley J 0.96
    Scribbler's Confession Hale Kay Louise 1.98
    Shadow of the Ripper Schafer Tom 4.42
    Sherlock Holmes Meets Jack the Ripper Moody Doug 1.9
    Sherlock Holmes: Whitechapel Horrors Hanna Edward B 5.73
    Singular Case of Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper Stewart Derek 0.77
    Sojourn – Time Rover Oliver Jana 2.58
    Son of Jack cartwright D R 2.58
    Study in Red – Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper Porter Brian 3.95
    Time After Time DiLeo John 0.77
    Trial of Jack the Ripper: Case of William Bury Macpherson E 8.54
    True Diary of Jack the Ripper Cross J E 3.83
    Vampire in Whitechapel Blackwell Scarlet 0.77
    Very Different Public Official (Screenplay) Jackson C D 0
    Was ware wenn – Jack the Ripper Gefasst Worden Ware? Thul Robert 1.34
    What If Jack the Ripper Was Caught Pattinson Stephen 1.95
    Whisperer Grey Jenna 3.11
    Whitechapel Kittehs Glitter Kitty 1.97
    Whitechapel Murder Mystery Hamilton Rob 1.53
    Whitechapel Secret Muina Gustavo 6.59
    Whitechapel Vampire O'Connell Alex 0.72
    Whitechapel: Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes Schaffer Bernard 3.99
    Whitechapel: Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes Schaffer Bernard 3.97
    Who was Jack the Ripper? Knight Veronika and Kagan Roberta 1.98
    Witches Werewolves and Jack the Ripper Jackson G M 0.77
    "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper" Prior Patrick & Trimble Jeremy 0.77

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    Very nice of you to compile that list, Chris...muchisimas gracias.
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      Please add

      Jack the Ripper at Last? The Mysterious Murders of George Chapman



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        Please also remember the two sequels to A Study in Red, being Legacy of the Ripper and Requiem for the Ripper, both in paperback and Kindle editions


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          Jack London's "People Of The Abyss" from 1902 is on there as well; I downloaded it for free. First half is brilliant, second half is a bit repetitive and rambling but it's a great first hand insight just the same.