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  • Selected Ripper books available

    I won an ebay auction for a job lot of ripper books that had a few I already have, but included quite a few I didn't have and seemed too good a bargain to miss. So I made the opening bid, and no-one else had a go...

    anyhow, as a result of the duplications, i've the following available. Don't really want much for them - indeed provided the cost of P&P is covered, I'll be satisfied knowing they'll be going to someone interested in reading them.
    if you want me to post them to you, i'd ask postage costs be covered (i'll keep that to a minimum). if you live in wolverhampton, birmingham, parts of kingswinford, or parts of willenhall i might be able to drop them off for you if i'm passing nearby.
    hb= hardback, pb= paperback. all are in good or better condition, some are near mint.
    pm me and also post here if interested (I don't log in too frequently, more of a reader than poster). If you want one, or a selection, let me know how much you're happy to pay (one or two of the books are large!):

    jack the ripper the final chapter - paul feldman (pb)
    the secret of prisoner 1167: was this man jack the ripper - james tully (hb)
    portrait of a killer - patricia cornwell (hb)
    the lodger: the arrest an escape of jack the ripper - stewart evans and paul gainey (hb)
    the crimes, detection and death of jack the ripper - martin fido (pb)
    jack the ripper a 21st century investigation - trevor marriott (pb)
    from hell:the jack the ripper mystery - bob hinton (pb)
    the autobiography of jack the ripper - james carnac (hb)
    jack the ripper the simple truth - bruce paley (pb)
    jack the ripper summing up and verdict - colin wilson and robin odell (pb)
    the true face of jack the ripper - melvin harris (pb)
    jack the ripper the final solution - steven knight (pb)
    the crimes of jack the ripper - paul rowland (pb)
    naming jack the ripper - russell edwards (hb)
    jack the ripper the casebook - richard jones (hb)
    the many faces of jack the ripper - m j trow (hb)
    jack the ripper the bloody truth - melvin harris (hb)
    jack the ripper letters from hell - stewart evans and keith skinner (pb)
    the ripper file melvin harris (hb)
    the jack the ripper whitechapel murders - kevin o'donnell (hb)

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    Bumping this up for Lem.....

    Please contact Lemonjelly if you're interested in what he's offering for sale.

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