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    Hi, I would like to announce the publication of my new book JACK THE RIPPER: SUSPECTS by C.J. Morley – published 9 August 2021. This new edition supersedes the JTR Suspects published in two volumes November 2020, which is reviewed by Paul Begg in the current edition of Ripperologist magazine #169 August. A brief backstory – on the submission to Amazon of my original JTR Suspects back in Nov 2020, I discovered that the manuscript exceeded the page count stipulated by Amazon. I therefore had to make a hasty decision to split the book into two volumes to fall within the page count, something which was never my intention. This decision I was never happy with, and therefore, the two volumes have now been replaced by this new edition which includes additional research, info + over 450 biographies on individuals who have been suspected or named as Jack The Ripper at one time or another. This book represents the definitive suspect guide. Paperback : 702 pages - available now exclusively on Amazon book store in all territories. Thank you.