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The Hypno-Ripper ( 2021, Don Hartman )

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  • The Hypno-Ripper ( 2021, Don Hartman )

    From Don Hartman :

    The two stories collected in the Hypno-Ripper were published during the time of the Jack the Ripper killings, and they are among the earliest fictional accounts dealing with the Whitechapel murders. Both of these stories have Jack the Ripper being an American, who travelled from New York City to London to commit the murders, and the Ripper commits his crimes while under the influence of hypnotism. The first story, The Whitechapel Mystery; A Psychological Problem ("Jack the Ripper"), is a novel authored by N. T. Oliver, and originally published in 1889 by the Eagle Publishing Company. The second story, "The Whitechapel Horrors," is a short tale, published anonymously in two American newspapers, shortly after the murder of Mary Jane Kelly in November 1888. Also included is a lengthy biographical profile on Edward Oliver Tilburn. "N. T. Oliver" was a pseudonym for the highly interesting Edward Oliver Tilburn. Besides being an author, Tilburn was a minister, actor, lecturer, secretary for several cities' Chambers of Commerce, snake-oil salesman, Christian psychologist, as well as an accused embezzler, shady real estate broker, and a self-proclaimed medical doctor.

    Chris George discussed the Charles Kowlder story 19 years ago :

    The alleged Charles Kowlder confession was covered in an article I wrote for Ripper Notes during Christopher Michael DiGrazia's tenure as editor. "An 1888 Jack the Ripper Diary?" by Christopher T. George, Ripper Notes, October 2002 discussed the article on the supposed diary.
    - Christopher T. George-

    This is the first time the Charles Kowlder story appeared on either The Forums or Casebook and was posted by Chris Scott 10 years ago

    ************************************************** *********************************
    The Kowlder story which I located some 6 years ago.

    The Confession Of Charles Kowlder

    ************************************************** *********************************

    This is also the Kowlder story in the San Francisco Chronicle that Nina located 5 years ago

    This is the author slash con man, E. O. Tilburn

    Leavenworth Weekly Times
    December 23, 1909
    Page 1
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    The Kowlder story aside, considering it's well known to us, I applaud Don for locating the Tilburn story. I don't recall seeing his name before.
    The 'Charles Kowlder' story was in at least three newspapers that we found here on JTRForums..
    The Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle and Indianapolis Sunday Journal....possibly more.
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