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Serbian book on JTR from 1920s on Ebay

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    Hi guys
    Thanks for the feedback and additional info.
    The classification on the Ebay page reads:
    Item specifics - Antiquarian/Collectible Books
    Binding: Hardcover
    Special Attributes: 1st Edition, Illustrated
    Subject: Literature & Fiction
    Printing Year: --
    Topic: Drama
    Origin: European

    "Topic: Drama" would suggest this is a play but 10 volumes? Over 3000 pages? I just hope there was an interval!!!


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      Originally posted by Monty View Post

      Guido Fels was apparently the pseudonyme of Paul Walter none the less.

      Hi Monty
      Thanks for that info
      According to
      the dates of Guido von Fels (apparently the correct form) aka Paul Walter were 1859 to 1918, so this work (advertised as a first edition published in the 1920s) must have bee posthumous


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        Hi Chris,

        The 1918 death is guessed isnt it?

        Ive read elsewhere that he was alive in the 1920s but no definite date of death.

        Let me recheck duriong my lunch hour.



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          Is that one illustration suggesting the Ripper entered 13 Millers Court via the fireplace?

          And the one with the man attacking the woman with a sword may apply to a torso murder

          Very interesting nonetheless


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            I must admit I find the illustrations puzzling - one of them appears to show either a bearded lady or a man in woman's clothes (suspect? detective?)
            I'll see if I can post it


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              Here is the one I am talking about...


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                It's Robert D'Onston Stephenson attacking George Marsh whilst Thomas Roots looks on. :cool:


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                  I have a copy of that depiction....and the translated Cyrillic Serbian text.

                  It's shocking,amigo...simply shocking:cool:
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                    Originally posted by Mike Covell View Post
                    It's Robert D'Onston Stephenson attacking George Marsh whilst Thomas Roots looks on. :cool:
                    Hmmmmm - how did I miss that???


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                      Hello all,

                      Oh boy.. you lot will chuckle at this.. Caz, get ready ...

                      Here is the reply from the seller to my questions..

                      Yes, all 10 vols refer entirely to Jack the Ripper. There are no detailed informations since there are no copies registered in any Serbian library. Also, I can't find any informations about this work on the internet.
                      This is literal work, a novel. It says in the subtitle that it is written upon the notes of famous London detective Davis and personal diaries of the Ripper himself.
                      The complete title in translation is: Jack the Ripper, mysterious killer of women in London / The most interesting crime novel from the life of London / Upon the notes of famous London detective Davis and diary of Jack himself.
                      Concerning your offer: let us wait for the auction to end.
                      Best wishes and regards

                      - sigedon"

                      I am still having thoughts of certain people rubbing their hands with glee. A NEW diary reference.. from 1920.. and I thought Ripperology anno 1990-odd was bent...

                      best wishes

                      from was written in the stars


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                        It still seems a bit long for a novel based on the WM

                        Interesting reference to a JtR diary though

                        I'd read it if an English version exists


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                          Many thanks for that Phil - sounds like this could be a VERY rare work indeed.
                          The diary reference certainly grabs the attention - I can't wait to see if there is any more info forthcoming.
                          It is not clear if the Ripper diary and the notes of Detective "Davis" (William Dominic Davis perhaps??) are literary devices or whether the author is claiming these were real and he based this huge novel on them...
                          Thanks again
                          Chris S


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                            Good work, Phil.

                            Chris...was Detective Davis a City policeman ?
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                              Hi How
                              According to the new A-Z William Davis was Acting Supt. of J Division and wrote a special report on the Nichols murder which mentioned Pizer


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                                Thank you Chris...I should have looked in the A to Z.

                                I had found a Detective Davis ( City ) in 1892..
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