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    From Casebook's review of Chris's first Ripper related work :

    Anyone who's followed the latest Ripper research knows the name Chris Scott. For the past several years he has contributed countless contemporary press reports and other historical tidbits to the Casebook and to Ripperologist magazine. He's spent literally hundreds, if not thousands, of hours combing through press archives, census records and the like, and many of his discoveries are compiled into the eBook, Jack the Ripper: A Cast of Thousands.

    The writing style is casual, and Chris makes sure not just to relate what he's found, but how he found it, and where. Budding researchers will learn a great deal from his sources and methods.

    Chris Scott is the prime reason I spend as much time as I do reading and re-reading newspaper accounts of the times and crimes of Jack The Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders.
    For those who have just joined JTRForums, are starting out in the field, or merely passing through here, here are the covers of Chris's three Case related works and his recent fiction work.

    Stephen Ryder has graciously provided the entire text of Chris's first work on Casebook for one and all.

    In order of publication :

    Cast Of Thousands
    Will The Real Mary Kelly........? ( Second edition cover shown)
    The Ripper In Ramsgate

    and Chris's latest release, The King Sword

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    Bump Up
    With the holidays right around the corner...two weeks from today in might be a good time for you to pick up a copy of one of Chris's works...


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      I don't believe there has been a 2nd revised edition of Mary Kelly yet. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

      Yours truly,

      Tom Wescott


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        Good eye, Tom.
        I believe Chris stopped working on it...he had Corey Browning and Justin Dombrowski helping out....
        Sorry about that, people.


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          Any folks who want to start doing their own research couldn't pick a better person to model themselves on. His work is skilful, tireless, all-embracing and totally unbiased.


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            Is it worth posting links to Chris' books?

            Terribly sad to hear of his passing. He'd always replied to my queries about the 2nd edition of the real mary kelly which I was really looking forward to. I assume it is unlikely the 2nd edition will be published now. I also read Paul Beggs mention of the King Sword & was trying to find it but couldn't.


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              It's here :


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                Although it seems a very petty thing to say in the light of Chris's tragically premature death, I'm so sad that we will see neither the update to "Will the real Mary Kelly", nor indeed the subsequent episodes of "The King Sword" saga.

                The former was so good that I feel it will continue, anyway, to stand as a classic of it's kind...the non-publication of the latter, however, is genuinely a tragedy to sci fi/fantasy fans. I reviewed the first part as a four star book...and the series had only upward to go...Chris was definitely a "one-off"

                All the best



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                  Originally posted by Robert Linford
                  Thank you sir.


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                    Here is Chris's one man play. Thanks to Ally for the link :