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Who Was Jack The Ripper ? (H Division, 2019)

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  • Originally posted by Debra Arif
    Hi R.J. Yes, I believe this is Daniel and Joseph and the information was posted on Casebook forums at one point in a general conversation about Barnett and Louisa/Emily in 1901. The address is Cannon Street Road as mentioned already and just going by memory (so not certain) the householder at that address in the census was the brother of another person that Joseph Barnett Barnett had once lodged with. I will try and dig it out as I mentioned that again quite recently.
    Much has been posted about Barnett in recent years that Paley hadn't found at the time he wrote the book. The Barnett family is quite confusing- I recently found Catholic baptisms for several members of the family that fits with the 1871/1881 census ages perfectly but Barnett's mother, Catherine, has a different maiden name in those baptisms for a couple of the children. Barnett's baptism also gave his birth date as a couple of months different to his birth certificate. I have also come across another John Barnett, born the same time as Joseph Barnett's brother and in Hairbrain Court but to a single mother.
    Thank you. I figured if anyone knew or remembered this it would be you. I'll study it further.


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