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Who Was Jack The Ripper ? (H Division, 2019)

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  • Rick Cobb
    Thanks How

    Im very proud to have brought this project to life by working with some of the best names in the field today. Reading through the contributors its plain to see this is a book for 21st century Ripperology.

    This is only the first in a long line of book projects from H Division and there is talk about a documentary, so exciting times for the field.

    Hand on heart i can honestly state this will be the best suspect research book to have came out in the last 25 years. It’s fitting the book is being published by the number one publisher of true crime in the UK, Pen and Sword.

    On a rather sad note, the book also contains Martin Fido’s final research.

    I hope everyone enjoys this project and if anyone wants to get involved in future work by H Division, my door is always open.

    Many thanks

    Ricky Cobb

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  • Howard Brown
    started a topic Who Was Jack The Ripper ? (H Division, 2019)

    Who Was Jack The Ripper ? (H Division, 2019)


    All the suspects revealed.

    By H Division Crime Club


    The crimes committed by Jack the Ripper 130 years ago in Whitechapel, London, have baffled the world. Since that autumn in 1888, historians, researchers and armchair detectives have attempted to unravel the world’s greatest murder mystery, but to no avail..... until now.

    This book gathers together a top team of dedicated researchers to look once again at the Whitechapel murders and ask - if this happened today, who would the police consider to be, a person(s) of interest ?

    Where would they concentrate their efforts and in doing so, would the real Jack the Ripper finally be revealed ?

    Using original police reports, eye witness testimony and criminal profiling techniques, we bring you the prime suspects as told through the eyes of a modern police investigation.


    Contributions and New Research from:

    Martin Fido
    Dr Katherine Ramsland
    Prof David Canter
    Michael Hawley
    Bob Hinton
    Keith Stride
    David Andersen
    Mick Priestley
    Edward Stow
    Steven Blomer
    Tracy I’anson
    Mei Trow
    Richard C Cobb