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    Hello, my new Jack the Ripper suspects books are out today. It is a 2 volume set. book 1 is 479 pages and covers the suspects from A TO H

    book 2 is 450 pages and covers the suspects form H TO Z



    Over 420 suspects are included, who have at one time or another come under suspicion of being Jack the Ripper. Only a select few of these individuals can realistically be considered genuine and credible suspects. Many of the suspects have since been exonerated by history, but at one time or another proof or no proof they were suspected of being Jack the Ripper. All have been included nevertheless in this book for the purpose of completion. Making this the most comprehensive up to date and in-depth Jack the Ripper suspect book available.

    In total a massive 929 pages.

    Many new suspects are covered, as well as new research on the following suspects and peripheral characters in the Jack the Ripper case. To name but a few.

    H T Haslewood
    John Vollensworth
    Sergeant Gurtner
    Edward Knight Larkins
    E.W. Bonham
    Dr Crabb
    Dr Cowen
    George Moulson
    Henry Winslade
    George Valentine
    William Wookey
    Dr Heald
    David Walker
    Janet Martin
    Thomas Haynes
    Abraham Joscelyn
    Mary Jane Bury
    Elizabeth Jennings
    Peter Rigley Pratt
    Mr Salvage
    Constable Pillow
    Police constable Imhoff
    Ernest Axel Martin Welin
    Edward Abberline
    Laura Painter
    Elizabeth Ashworth
    Knightley Baseley
    Frederick Benham
    Martha Biden
    Miss Bidwell
    George Bolton
    Charles Bond
    Willie Boult
    Dr Skilly
    Edwin Burrows
    Frederick Richard Chapman
    William Leonard Chapman
    Inspector Keaton
    Douglas Cow
    John George Donkin
    John Davidson
    Dr Dabbs
    Peter Donald
    James Farley
    Collingwood Hilton Fenwick
    Herbert Freund
    Patrick Gallagher
    Walter Gempton
    James Glen
    Benjamin Graham
    Andrew Gray
    James Green
    Thomas Onley
    Benson Hilton
    William Holt
    William Joseph Ibbett
    H.C. Kromschroeder
    Mr Salway
    Dr. Orford
    John Benjamin Perryman
    William Henry Piggott
    Pierce John Robinson
    Septimus Swyer

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    Thank you, Christopher !

    Hope you are well, sir.
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      Bought this recently and hope to read it when I have some time off work. Looking forward to it!