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Massive discount on Jack the Ripper book.

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  • Massive discount on Jack the Ripper book.

    I'm the author of "Jack the Ripper At Last?" - a biography of suspect George Chapman.

    Just had the book reprinted and the spine is blank and the spine text is on the back cover.

    Other than this, the book is perfect in every way and on shiny paper throughout.

    Printer says it's all my fault, so no refund.

    Usual retail price is £15. Am selling these misprints for just £5 each; this merely covers my print costs.

    The postage and packing at cost is £2.50.

    Please paypal £7.50 to [email protected] or bank transfer to 090666 40720112 then message me your postal address on that email.

    Helena Wojtczak

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    I commented on this on over on Casebook but if anyone doesn’t have this book then I’d seriously recommend it. It’s an excellent one and a must have in any Ripper collection.


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