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New Play 2014 - If You Only Wate A Whil Longer---Aidan Crowley

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  • New Play 2014 - If You Only Wate A Whil Longer---Aidan Crowley

    Dear Forum

    I am working on a one act play based on the Whitechapel murders. I do not want it to be typical London fogs, tall man with a gladstone bag etc etc and all that nonsense.

    The theatrical premise (you have to allow me that licence) is - James Munro interviews a man sometime in 1900 in the City of London Asylum. This man may or may not be the murderer. Obviously this meeting never happened but Monro is most interesting as a dramatic representation of the Investigation.

    I believe whoever committed the crimes was ordinary but with an extraordinary negative mental state. Colney Hatch and the Asylum in Stone do hold possibilities.

    When you have the time perhaps you could write me some pointers as to who this person most likely would have been in your opinions from the EVIDENCE presented and also what to avoid. I am very happy to receive emails/pointers from your readers or they can find me on:

    Facebook --

    I am very interested in the possible medical experience of the killer. I have some medical training myself in the operating theatres a few years ago. Reading the autopsy reports I notice some abdominal cuts surgically curving around the navel. This is somewhat significant surgically. Also it seems a long blade was used perhaps akin the Tiemann knife or the like. However I disagree with the accusations against Gull and Williams who by all purposes seem decent human beings.

    The FromHell letter is quite interesting (I use it as a dramatic cue also ref for the title) whether from the killer or no it certainly seems the only letter that might actually be.

    As for the Suspect:

    Although I have read much positive evidence regarding Kosminski -- I found the information most interesting on a man called Jacob Levy. Would you agree?

    I look forward to reading your thoughts...

    Thank You also to Administration Donston1888 for your kindness.



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    Administrator D'Onston would be me....and its me that thanks you,Aidan

    I took the liberty of changing 'Munro' to the correct spelling, 'Monro'...

    I would suggest you contact Tracy Ianson or Neil Ianson about Jacob addition, we have a forum just for Jacob Levy in the Suspects Forum.

    You'll never go wrong around here asking questions, Aidan.

    Good to have you with us.
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      Hi Aidan.

      For my money, I have no interest in suspects and I think JTR had no real skill. However, if you're making this an interview in an asylum, I think Cutbush has to be a pretty strong contender for your subject.

      Tour guides do it loudly in front of a crowd


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        Didn't take long for an excellent suggestion, did it ?
        Cutbush died in 1903.
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          Thank you

          Oh indeed......hmmmmm......I am impressed ! Thank you.....


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            MONRO yes apologies he is MONRO in the script I assure you


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              Hi Aidan,

              Jacob Levy is a good suspect - an under-rated one, I think. As How said, Tracy Ianson and her family are the resident experts on all things Levy - if they have the time i'm sure they'd be happy to help you out.

              Perhaps the suspect could even be fictitious one in the mould of a Levy/Cutbush/Kosminski type? That way you avoid any negative commentary and debate based on the suspect as opposed to the entirety of the play itself.

              Best of luck with it all!



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                Yes I do think the Suspect is developing more of a combination of the likeliest to be honest as opposed to one in particular. I just want to carve him down to the best of the likely...


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                  What's in a name?

                  Hello Philip, Howard. Ah, yes, Cutbush. The only suspect whose name proclaimed his deeds.



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                    Hi Aidan

                    These are good suspects. The bonus with Kosminski is, you can have a voice offstage as the voice in his head.


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                      ah yes hmmmmm you researchers here are damn clever on this subject (and funny....Cutbush joke! you guys....).....I would write your names in the programme of course (unless there were objections!)

                      I shall read your ideas with great interest......


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                        Is there a post somewhere herein regarding the possible Knife/(ves) used?


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                          Hi Aidan

                          You might want to refer to the various inquest reports as there are slight variations in the descriptions of the possible knife used on various victims

                          In general, it appears to be a long straight knife, 6-8 inches long or more, pointed at the tip, and sharp

                          Although a number of knives would match this description, such as certain butcher knives, you might be interested in the suggestion of a surgical or post-mortem knife such as the one owned by Donald Rumbelow which apparently has a provenance that suggests it was in the Crime Museum collection at some point or at least it was in the hands of people associated with the museum (pictured below)

                          Click image for larger version

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                            Hi Aidan

                            I wrote a blog posting about the Ripper knife owned by Don Rumbelow. Go to


                            I'd been invited up to Kingston, Ontario to comment on an alleged Ripper knife owned by collector Steve Santini for a TV documentary. It was a long knife alright but it was a kitchen carving knife made in Sheffield apparently dropped in the street near the Hanbury murder site. I thought it more likely that the actual knife used by Annie Chapman's killer and in the other murders was a surgical knife such as a Tiemann knife.

                            The knife owned by Mr. Rumbelow is said to be a Weiss surgical knife similar to the knives used in the Phoenix Park murders in Dublin on May 6, 1882. Following is a cartoon from Punch which misleadingly shows a knife like a Bowie knife and not a surgical knife.

                            Best regards


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                              Excellent THANK YOU ALL indeed yes it seems more likely to be akin to a Tiemann but let me read more....