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  • An expert and a voice needed...

    In my VR Mitre square experience (and the others when they are created) I want to include an audio VR tour. When you arrive in Mitre Square I want the user to be guided around the area via audio commentary. I envision it thus:

    You arrive at the junction of Mitre Street and Aldgate. At this location, there is an 'Audio Post' which you click on to listen to the 1st audio commentary.
    Next, you are invited to walk up Mitre Street until you get to the entry of Mitre Square, where you will click on 'audio post' No2. This audio will further describe the location and the story of the night of the double event.

    There will be further audio posts - maybe a total of 10 narrating the events of that night.

    So... I'm compelled to ask if there is a person willing to write up a short audio transcript for me to use in the experience?

    Imagine walking the route from Mitre Street up to and into Mitre Square chatting to a friend about the events. What would you say and how would you tell the story to include all the vital elements of that night?

    I would do it myself (indeed I probably will have to) but I cannot use my voice as I hate it! So I would have to resort to one of those machine text-to-speech robots that sound utterly terrible (so I'd rather not do that). Also, and more importantly, I'm, NOT an expert and would likely miss out and get wrong vital details. Also, the 'story' telling needs to be linear - and naturally lead from one point to the next including all the vital details before moving on to the next 'audio post'. Things like the route taken by the beat bobby, the events that occurred in Berner Street before your arrival in Mitre Street, the eyewitness (or lack thereof) of PC Pearce, the beat police etc. The events AFTER the discovery of Eddowes (The Goulston Street event). The injuries inflicted, Stuff like that.

    I would love to get a 'well-known' Ripperologist ( sorry, Hallie R!) (maybe one who already does a ripper tour walk?) to create a narration script and do a recording of the script.

    The VR is looking really good now and it should be ready to go live in a week or two (Mitre Square).

    So, in a nutshell:
    A transcript of up to 10 segments of narration describing the events of the night of the double event centred around Mitre Square but briefly including the events before and after the body discovery. I reckon maybe two sides of A4 would cover it.

    And (If willing) a recording of the transcript for me to put into the experience as an audio tour.

    ​​​​​​​This will eventually be part of a FIVE experience walk. So you will have arrived in Mitre Street FROM the Berner Street experience and you will exit the Mitre Street experience to go to Miller's Court (Dorset Street).

    Of course, credit will be given... But I can't offer dosh! (I suppose I could, but I thought I'd try for a freebie first!)

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    You could try asking this man : expert knowledge and at home behind the microphone.