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Mike Hawley: Tumblety Did It ! (October 28, 2020)

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  • Mike Hawley: Tumblety Did It ! (October 28, 2020)
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    "Jack the Ripper TUMBLETY DID IT Prime Suspect: Dr. Tumblety. Ripper Author Michael Hawley, author of "The Ripper's Haunts", discusses his new evidence on the only Ripper suspect that provides all these proven matches: 1), Was held by police as a suspect in the Ripper murders, 2), jumped bond and escaped after the last murder; 3) had an open hate for prostitutes, 4), was in London during the ten weeks of murders in 1888, 5), was named by two Scotland Yard investigators as the killer, 6) collected uteri and displayed them openly, 7) carried a trunk with surgical instruments....and more. Newly discovered testimony points at "Dr". Francis Tumblety.
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