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    Mr. Orsam has a three part article on Inspector Andrews and Tumblety....The Suckered Trilogy.
    Part three should show up soon on his page.

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    September 15, 2016

    Dave Barratt's page, once more


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      September 29, 2016

      A review of 'The Ripper's Haunts' by David Barratt


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        October 8, 2016

        Two new articles from David Barratt :

        Special Branch of the Metropolitan Police

        "The Non-Clerical Clerical Branch"


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          December 16, 2016


          Has anyone else had difficulty accessing Dave Barratt's site ???


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            Originally posted by Howard Brown View Post

            Has anyone else had difficulty accessing Dave Barratt's site ???
            I tried to get in yesterday and there was a background and title and everything, but no actual content.
            "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"


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              It seems to be working fine now.


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                January 8, 2017

                Wouldn't work for me whenever I tried bumping it up until yesterday, Bob.

                It be workin' now.


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                  March 20, 2017

                  The Camden Town Murder Mystery

                  The brutal murder of Emily Elizabeth ‘Phyllis’ Dimmock in her Camden Town bedroom during September 1907 and the subsequent police investigation - culminating in the arrest, trial and acquittal of graphic designer, Robert Wood - shocked and fascinated Edwardian England in equal measure.

                  Many writers have attempted to tell the story of this famous unsolved crime but none have managed to do so without misunderstanding, or missing, important clues.

                  Taking a fresh look at the evidence, David Barrat considers documents from the Metropolitan Police file in the National Archives, as well as contemporary newspaper accounts, genealogical records and other sources, to put together the most detailed and accurate account of the case ever published. In doing so, he reveals, for the first time, the astonishing truth about one of the key prosecution witnesses and introduces both new and long-forgotten suspects. He also uncovers hitherto hidden connections between the murder of Emily Dimmock and two other famous unsolved murders of the period.

                  This book is a must-read for anyone interested in historical true crime as the author enables the reader to form their own conclusion as to who might have committed the murder.


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                    March 21, 2017

                    The Islington Murder Mystery

                    When an army officer's wife is found dead in the front hall of her home in Islington during the evening of Tuesday 23 March 1915, the police initially believe it to be a tragic accident. Then a bullet is discovered lodged in Annie Wootten's spine and the authorities belatedly realise they have a murder on their hands. The story becomes a national sensation when detectives dramatically arrest their prime suspect in a Central London bar.

                    The case has all the ingredients of a classic murder mystery: a strange voice at the scene of the crime, a smouldering blouse, an anonymous telegram, a veiled lady, a missing revolver and even a dog which fails to bark in the night. Somewhat overshadowed in its day by reports of the trial of the 'Brides in the Bath' serial killer, George Joseph Smith, which took place in the at the same time as the trial of the accused murderer, it is surprisingly little known today but David Barrat uses unpublished documents held in the National Archives to bring the story back to life as he attempts to solve the riddle of who did it and how.


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                      March 30, 2017

                      Suckered! Plus - The Quadrilogy

                      By David Barrat

                      18 September 2015 (updated 28 August 2016)


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                        April 23, 2017

                        David's work on reconstructing Jack


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                          May 30, 2017

                          Dave's current collection of articles here :

                          General discussion about anything Ripper related that does not fall into a specific sub-category. On topic-Ripper related posts only.


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                            Hi How,

                            More new articles from David



                            " When you eliminate the impossible whatever remains no matter how probably a little bit boring "


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                              David’s two ‘Howlcast’ articles are interesting.
                              Transcribing and publishing the content of my podcast is copyright infringement.