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    Originally posted by Howard Brown View Post
    New entry from Dave Orsam...A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forums:
    I suspect the men in white coats are on their way.


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      Actually, as I told the person who told me that Dave had this new entry on his Blog....which we have provided a link to for over 4 years now.....I didn't say Dave was barred from participating. What I did say was that I wasn't going to ask him again.

      I do, however, understand how he might get the impression he was persona non grata from what I said.

      One other thing.....

      Nevertheless, the amount of power in the online world of Jack the Ripper studies concentrated into the hands of two individuals, who have unlimited power to decide who and who is not allowed to post online about the subject, is troubling.

      He's perfectly entitled to believe that if he wants to.
      Whatever Casebook decides to do about a poster, post, thread, or disagreement between two parties is none of our business. Never was, never will be.


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        It's interesting to note that, in the same thread, Rubenhold was quoted as saying of Neil Sheldon that he had been 'drummed out of Ripperology'. This caused Paul Begg to post (#1221): 'Rubenhold seems to think that 'Ripperology' is an entity out of which someone can be 'drummed' rather than a just a bunch of people sharing a common interest.' But the truth is that the ability to participate in online discussions on the subject of Jack the Ripper is in the gift of just two individuals, both self-appointed, unaccountable, administrators, who may or may not behave rationally and in an unbiased, neutral and professional fashion. If you get on the wrong side of both of them then you may well find yourself being 'drummed out of Ripperology'. I'm sure no-one would dream of drumming Paul Begg out of Ripperology (and he expressed bemusement that he had been banned, for the first time ever from something, from Rubenhold's Twitter feed) but others without such a prestigious name in the world of Ripperology may not be so lucky. The list of the 'disappeared' from online forums strikes me as being quite a long one.

        People have been barred from even looking at Rubenhold's page who never wrote a word online about her or her book.

        Neal Sheldon wasn't drummed out of Ripperology.

        This list of desparacidos which Dave mentions is almost entirely a list of people who have left this site on their own volition.

        ************************************************** ******************

        I did, however, click on the link on the Home page to 'Register' one day, in order to see what the process was, but one receives a very unhelpful message:

        'Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator.'

        So I guess one needs to email the administrator and be properly vetted, as if one is joining MI5.

        On the bottom of every post I make is my email address and the message, To Join JTRForums, contact me at [email protected]
        The typical registration process is inoperative here.....its been inoperative for over 10 years.
        We disabled it to prevent spammers ( we had a problem about 11 years ago with this) from climbing aboard. Our membership, I believe, appreciates this.


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          Some of the muppets on JTR forums recently commented on my article about Robert Smith's book.’ said Dave the charmer.

          If he’d left the ‘of the’ out, his claim to have been referring to specific Forums posters might have held water.


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            Orsam has attempted to bluster his way past the errors in his ‘New Suspect’ article (don’t call it a blog, you might offend him) without success.

            He claims he didn’t state in the article what his suspect’s real name was. This is what he said:

            He was then arrested under his real name on about 13 November.

            He must have heaved a sigh of relief that that sentence didn’t actually include the name under which he tells us his suspect was convicted at that time - Joseph McCarthy.

            He also seems to miss the point that the George Yard address was where his suspect may (or may not) have lived 5 years after 1888.


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              Apropos the above, David Orsam seems to think that Ripperology IS Casebook or the Forums,but it isn't. Even if someone was “drummed out” of Forums, he wouldn’t necessarily be “drummed out” of Casebook, or out of any of the numerous Facebook forums or from Twitter or from writing their own blog (as Orsam has done), or from the pages of Ripperologist. And that assumes that the administrators of either Casebook or JTRForums bars people without good and justifiable reasons.

              It is perfectly possible that Neil Shelden was "drummed out" of somewhere, but Ripperology is an interest in the mystery of who murdered at least five women in the East End of London in 1888. How can you be drummed out of an interest? It's like saying someone was drummed out of photography or train spotting or ornithology or quantum physics. Anyway, Neil Shelden had a lot of supporters who respected and admired his work, among them Martin, Keith and myself, who had praised his work from the day he first published an article in True Detective. We'd have supported him and the work done by Jenni as much as we could. And much of the early criticism of Rubenhold was supporting his work on the victims, which Rubenhold appeared to be ignoring.


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                Originally posted by JMenges View Post
                He seems to view me as a very important and influential person at A puppet-master.
                Or muppet-master, apparently
                Kind regards, Sam Flynn

                "Suche Nullen"
                (F. Nietzsche)


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                  I believe I'm one of the Muppets actually quoted. I'm most honoured if that's the case.


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                    Has anyone read Barrat’s The Islington Murder Mystery?


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                      He seems to think Mr. Poster is an aggressive type as well.

                      I am saddened by that as his work on Spandau Ballet was stunning ... completely changed the field forever. A paradigm shift the significance of which will only be appreciated in years to come.

                      All my Spandau Ballet fan friends were literally gobsmacked by the revelations. It was the topic of conversation at our get togethers for ages. Finally.... a matter which had been of such concern had been given the work and time commesurate with its importance.

                      Personally, I have not looked at a toilet wall the same since I read that so it grives me that he feels that way.



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                        Originally posted by Gary Barnett View Post
                        Has anyone read Barrat’s The Islington Murder Mystery?
                        Hello Gary,

                        I read it a couple of years ago (I got David’s two books around the same time.) I thought it was excellent.


                        " When you eliminate the impossible whatever remains no matter how probably a little bit boring "


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                          Originally posted by Michael Banks View Post
                          Hello Gary,

                          I read it a couple of years ago (I got David’s two books around the same time.) I thought it was excellent.
                          Thanks, Michael. I think I may get that as a holiday read.


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                            August 18, 2019

                            The Eleven Days


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                              August 22, 2019

                              Lord Orsam Says

                              ************************************************** ***

                              A Bee In His Barnett ( About time someone broke Gary's balls !!! )

                              ************************************************** ***

                              The Five...Feldman Questions

                              ************************************************** ****

                              From Commissioner to Asterisk: A Beginner's Guide


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                                Finally, you may be wondering how I know that Gary Barnett read my series of posts in 2017 but delayed commenting on them on the Censorship Forum for two years. Well it's easy. On JTR Forums, on 2 July 2017, he posted this (and, let me repeat, that this was posted on JTR Forums, not Casebook - something I didn't even see until recently):

                                'I have to say, the research on Casebook, in respect of alternative names seems to me to have been misinterpreted.'

                                Pausing there, yes, it certainly was misinterpreted by Gary Barnett, as we have seen, but everyone else seems to have understood it perfectly. Then he went on:

                                'Yes, people used alternative names, but the research suggests that they generally felt it necessary to reveal the fact when presenting themselves to the authorities.'

                                His lordship really is a silly ass.

                                Ray's skill and years of practice make his classic routine look EASY - but it's NOT! Whilst working TWO dummies, he manages to convince us the first one is R...

                                My 2017 comment was in response to the thread started by Kattrup: the original thread on the subject. Lord Charles’s derivative thread popped up recently as an ‘oldie but goodie’.

                                I’m expecting at least a 10,000-word response to this.