Nippon Ichi Software has announced its newest title, and its a bit of a departure for the studio. Not a ton of information regarding Murder Detective Jack the Ripper has been revealed yet, but we do know it will take us to a fictional London. More importantly, one that is presumably based in the past.

The game will be focused on a detective who takes on what is most definitely a murder investigation. However, the arrival of a “self-proclaimed” Jack the Ripper threatens to turn the whole investigation upside down. The game will involve branching “detective and murder routes,” which presumably means both the killer and detective are playable. It’s not known if the game will feature separate storylines or if it will feature one narrative that can branch off. Either way, it at least seems as though this will be a game that has high replay value.

Even though NIS hasn’t revealed a lot about Murder Detective Jack the Ripper, we at least know the main voice cast. At the same time, it also reveals the names of what are likely the main characters of this story.

Here’s the cast list for Murder Detective Jack the Ripper:

Arthur Hewitt (voiced by Yuusuke Hirooka)
Self-Proclaimed Jack the Ripper (voiced by Kiyohiro Yamaguchi)
Charlotte Peacely (voiced by Aiko Yamasaki)
Rory Godspeed (voiced by Mitsuki Natsukawa)
Harry Brown (voiced by Yuuki Fujino)
Sophie Raichel (voiced by Yuki Yawakami)
Walter Raichel (voiced by Kouji Mikogami)
Murder Detective Jack the Ripper will release on April 25, 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, we will see more of it before then. Only a Japanese release is confirmed at this time. Nippon Ichi also has another game, the time travel RPG Destiny Connect, releasing only a month before.