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  • Magazine Reference Section- RIPPEROLOGIST

    All Articles and Editorials of the three Ripper Magazines will be displayed on this thread.

    This first thread will be for Ripperologist Magazine.

    Please do not add comments on this thread as I will be perpetually adding on to each individual magazines inventory.

    Again,there are a trove of articles which are very worthy of reading and our suggestion is to contact either of the three magazines themselves should you wish to have the magazine.


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    Ripperologist-Magazine Reference

    Here is a list of the last 6 cybermagazines that Ripperologist has produced.

    Paul Begg: Executive editor
    Adam Wood : U.K. editor
    Eduardo Zinna : European editor
    Christopher T. George : N.A. editor

    Issue # 62
    December 2005

    * Editorial-Paul Begg....On the conversion of Ripperologist from a tabloid to a cyberzine.

    * Children of The Ripper- Jan Bondeson.....The murder of a Swedish prostitute and similarities to the Ripper Murders.

    * The Enigmas of Millers Court- Simon Wood....Reexamination of evidence at Kelly murder site,primarily the photographic evidence.

    * From the Bars of The Cradle- Rob Hills....Article on James Hardiman, the preferred suspect of Mr.Hills.

    * Mister Ripper or Master Ripper- Stanley D.Reid....Article covering William Hardiman,younger brother of James,and the likelihood of his candidacy as JTR

    * Man of Shadows- Antonio Sironi,Jane Coram,Adam Went....JTR and the Tasmanian Press.

    * A Last Long Journey- Eduardo Zinna....article on St.Saviours Church. This church has been theorized as the possible wedding site of PAV and Ann Crook. Historical background of the Church itself.

    * Coverage of the 2005 Brighton Ripper Conference

    * Coverage of the Wearside Jack hoaxster.

    In addition,the monthly sections by Chris Scott ( Press Trawl)...Wilf Gregg's On The Crime Beat...and dozens of book reviews,events,news clippings,and Ripper related media which appear every month.
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      Issue # 63

      January 2006

      * Brave New World--Editorial by Eduardo Zinna...on the evolution of Ripperologist to a cybermagazine.

      * The American Connection--Carman Cumming....discusses the origin of the "uteri jars" allegedly possessed by suspect Francis Tumbelty and fabricated by Charles A. Dunham.

      * On The Trail of The Ripper-- Jose' Luis Scarsi....Mr.Scarsi investigates suspect Alois Szemeredy's background.

      * The Phantom Model--Hugh Nisbet....Ripper fiction written in the 1890's.

      * The Green of The Peak-- Robert Charles Linford/ John Savage/ David O'Flaherty....First of the series on the Coronial system of Great Britain and Wales.

      * East End Life--Adam Wood...First of a series on the life and times of East Enders. This one discusses the history of fish and chips,the original fast food.

      * Cyber Jack--Neil "Monty"Bell--First of a series where Mr.Bell uncovers websites worthy of your perusal.

      * The Baddest Brit of All--Eduardo Zinna...Mr.Zinna discusses the early 2006 BBC poll on the "worst" Brit of all time. Guess who I voted for ?

      * The Last Word--Christopher-Michael DiGrazia....on the mysterious death of Hollywood director Thomas Ince and sensationalist journalism.
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