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**New Independent Review : Issue One September 2011**

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  • **New Independent Review : Issue One September 2011**

    Issue one of the New Independent Review is now out and features a "Pair of Jacks: the Saga of Melville Mcnaghten" by Jonathan Hainsworth; "Bachert of Berner Street" by Tom Wescott and a pair of short essays by David M. Gates on fixed point policing in 1888 and just how violent was Jack. There is also "According to Adam," a column by Adam Went and "Book 'em!" a column on detective fiction by Don Souden.

    The issue is available free for download at
    Remember that the magazine is most easily read in "Full Screen Mode." Use Escape to return to normal.

    Enjoy this latest experience in magazines.

    Don Souden.

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    Thanks for the issue, Don
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      Don, best of luck with the New Independent Review, though I must say it's not a patch on The New Inbdependent Review.


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        I took care of the goof.

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          Looks great, Jonathon's article looks pretty extensive

          Tom's article was a nice summation of Bachert's press involvement with the case but I would have liked to see some more about his other Ripper information such as his lodger story

          Nice issue - congratulations to all involved


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            Haven't had a chance to go through the issue thoroughly yet, but what i've seen so far is very impressive in terms of layout and design. And whilst I don't necessarily agree with Jonathan Hainsworth's views on Macnaghten and Druitt, if nothing else you have to admire his tenacity and the extent of his work over recent times.

            Most of all, happy to see a new publication in the field!



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              Originally posted by Nemo
              Tom's article was a nice summation of Bachert's press involvement with the case but I would have liked to see some more about his other Ripper information such as his lodger story.
              Hi Nemo, you're hard to please. You didn't have much to say about my Jack the Grapestalk essay, either. My Bachert article was focused on Berner Street and questionable activities of Bachert. It was not my intention to discuss all of his various hoaxes and exploits. But thank you for enjoying it as a 'nice summation of his press involvement.'

              Yours truly,

              Tom Wescott


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                No problem Tom - lol

                I didn't really comment in depth on the grapes article as I thought I was a bit behind everyone else in reading it

                I'd seen most if not all of it discussed on the boards without realising the source

                I thought it was quite a straightforward (and necessary) laying out of the facts and sequence of events that can't really be disputed in any way and it more than adequately put forward the case for "no grapes"

                I've seen all the Bachert references previously and though you say you were concentrating on Berner St, you mention numerous other incidents such as his involvement in politics and the vigilance committees, the Coles murder, the writing on his house wall, Ripper letters etc etc and I personally think something that goes a long way toward showing what type of personality he had are his Ripper letters and theories among other things




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                  Well done, Don. It's no mean achievement to have pulled off a new magazine and let's raise a glass, or coffee cup, or whatever to the continued success of the Review.

                  Excellent article by Jonathan, as always, even though I don't share his theorising, it was good and informative reading, and as much as I don't like condescending to chat with the little people, Tom's piece on Bachert was good too. He's certainly an odd character. Bachert, I mean. Tom, if you can, check out Lloyds Weekly 18 June 1893, which we note in the New A to Z, as reporting Bachert's post-release statement of his intention to go abroad. Do you think he did, and came back, or never went?

                  The rest awaits reading!

                  Congrats to all concerned,


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                    Congratulations to all involved and I wish all the best to this new publication.
                    Enjoyed the whole read and Tom many thanks for the comments in the Bachert article
                    Chris Scott


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                      Hi Paul. This essay was actually written prior to my old Le Grand essay for Casebook Examiner, so it was written a long time before the new A-Z came out. Only now that you mention it does it occur to me that I should have updated the article with the new information in A-Z.

                      It was originally part of my article that appeared later in Casebook Examiner, Berner Street Rogues Gallery, where I discussed a number of suspicious characters relating to the Berner Street murder. I got so interested in the Bachert stuff, and it got so long, that I decided to make it a 'part 2'. Little did I know at the time that Examiner would fold, so now I guess it's a stand alone in NIR.

                      Naturally, not everyone is as well-read on Bachert as you, Nemo, and Chris Scott, so I'm glad it appeared in an issue available to everyone, and might spark new interest in him. I don't think Bachert was a murderer, but it still seems there's something about him that still eludes us.

                      Thanks to all for taking the time to read it.

                      Yours truly,

                      Tom Wescott


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                        Not sure if you were aware, but Dave James,myself, Neems,Chris, Debs...and maybe some others...put together a list of the ways Bachert's name is spelled in the contemporary press. I believe its a list with over 20 something names.

                        Quick add on..........

                        Here are 18, but I have a feeling that there were more :

                        Your find makes 18.

                        Albert Bachert and his alternate surnames :
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                          Hi Howard, no I wasn't aware, but that's hilarious. LOL. For the life of me, I can't see 'Blackbest'. It almost makes you wonder if it was intentional on the part of journalists, recognizing Bachert as a no-count media whore.

                          Yours truly,

                          Tom Wescott


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                            Back to the magazine...

                            Dave Gates' article contains a couple of comments ( among the many within his article ) I'd like to bring up.


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                              Originally posted by Tom_Wescott View Post
                              Naturally, not everyone is as well-read on Bachert as you, Nemo, and Chris Scott, so I'm glad it appeared in an issue available to everyone
                              Yeah, I'll even bet some people used to assume Bachert was a socialist, until it was pointed out that he wasn't, and had a definite grudge against them. Good overview though, Tom, for people not familiar with Bachert at all.

                              Congratulations to Don and everyone else involved with this first issue.
                              I also enjoyed Jonathon's article very much. Some very interesting ideas to consider, as usual.