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    An invitation to all to view our new and improved website at and to learn more about our efforts to promote the non-Ripper books of Ripperologists.

    Don Souden,
    Executive Editor.

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    Good luck Don - looks very impressive

    If you're going to be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.


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      Your story sounds interesting Don, and Mike's book also interests me greatly

      I myself used to argue somewhat that the Biblical creation stories in Genesis actually complement current astronomical theories and the theory of evolution


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        I myself used to argue somewhat that the Biblical creation stories in Genesis actually complement current astronomical theories

        Interesting you should say that. I had a neighbor who lived down the street (even dated his daughter for a bit) who held much the same view. Taught himself Hebrew and translated Genesis. He was certainly brilliant in the field of radar and electronics, so you and he may have been on to something.



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          Thanks for that Don - it was in contemplating particle physics amongst other things that drew me to my conclusions so maybe that is similar thinking to your neighbour who worked with electro magnetic radiation

          Just one aspect for example is how well the Big Bang theory matches the "Let there be light!" scenario

          Basically, the Universe was so hot at that moment that even atoms and atomic particles could not exist

          Me, you and the whole Universe as we know it is made of condensed light or more accurately, electro magnetic radiation

          Another example is that when Genesis talks of giants and monsters walking the Earth, I see no reason why the Ancients wouldn't be aware of the fossil record for example, but the sequencing of events and the insight that is apparent appears to me to be based on some underlying knowledge of which we only have hints of today


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            Reminds me of one of the most exciting things I have done (yeah, I've led a dull life) but back in the days of TV sets connected to antennas, if you disconnected the antenna, of the hash that would appear on the screen something like 5-10 % was background radiation from the Big Bang. Wow, actually viewing artifacts from the moment of creation -- still excites me.



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              I found one of the most useful aspects of physics was practicing how to convert fermented mash into distilled spirits in chemistry class. 180 proof makes a pretty 'big bang' when one inadvertently exposes the final result to a Bunsen burner.

              Great article, Don. Balances most of the possibilities concerning the apron to conclude with what may be most plausable... if not certain. As with many incongruities surrounding this episode, that is the best any objective person can do.
              Best Wishes,
              Cris Malone
              "Objectivity comes from how the evidence is treated, not the nature of the evidence itself. Historians can be just as objective as any scientist."


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                That's right Don - lol

                I was a bit younger when I used to listen to beeps and crackle on the radio and consider whether I was picking up signals from aliens, but I think it was morse code coming from Luxembourg or something

                I can't actually get my head around the Universe expanding equally in all directions (viewed from Earth's perspective) which was deduced from the "Red Shift" of the stars all around us, ie everything in every direction appears to be moving away from us

                There is an illusion involved somewhere there I think

                But it is very interesting about the residual radiation from the Big Bang still being present and detectable

                I was discussing recently with a friend (an astrophotographer) how even the Milky Way is a big swirling mass related to a gigantic cosmic event and our Solar system is but a miniscule speck of dust in a much larger explosion of matter

                I'm helping my friend with the computer aided side of enhancing his deep space photos so I'll post some of his photos if we ever manage it (looking for a big telescope at the moment


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                  If you are a Ripperologist with a non-Ripper book to your credit we may be able to help you with a free advertisement in New Independent. No gimmicks, no surprises, just a way of reaching out to the community. Write to us at [email protected] for details.

                  Don Souden,