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Ripperologist: September 2009 Issue # 106

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    Emanuel Delbast Violenia

    Apropos of Pizer and the 'Leather Apron' 'scare' it is interesting to note that in October 1888 someone even suggested that Violenia might be the murderer.


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      Early Crime Booklets & The Newgate Calendar

      Originally posted by SPE View Post
      It's a reproduction from a book, I do have some great images of the Ratcliff Highway murders from an 1812 booklet on the murders.
      Hi, Stewart. Is your 1812 booklet of the type they called "chap-books"? Wow, that's really an oldie.

      In case you're interested, I posted some pages from the 18th C.
      "Newgate Calendar, Or Villainy Displayed In All Its Branches" on the Bedlam thread.

      There is a also link to the whole Newgate Calendar online, complete with original illustrations. It contains the stories of famous criminals, crimes & hangings... plenty of 'blood & thunder'.

      Here's the Bedlam page, it's in Post #11:


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        Can I switch the emphasis a little just for sake of clarification? (just returned from a lengthy vacation, so sorry for not seeing this earlier).

        On page 88 of this issue, under the heading, "Classics", subheading "The Book", a re-review of the classic "The Lodger" by Stewart Evans and Paul Gainey, it is written that I contributed follow-up research into Tumblety with Wolf Vanderlinden, Carmen Cumming and Timothy Riordan. This is a mistake' as the author clearly meant Joe Chetcuti, not me. Joe, as Stewart and others will attest to, is one of the most pre-eminent researchers on Tumblety. Joe and I are good friends, so maybe that's the source of the confusion. ----just to set the record straight....


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          If you get a chance...please let me know whether the possibility of Anderson being told the details of the Identification from Swanson and not the other way around as it is usually presumed to be....would make a difference to you and why...if you aren't too burned out from the vacation.

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            Thanks for pointing out that mistake, as it gives me the chance to rectify it. We obviously had a brain freeze composing that sentence, which should have included R J Palmer and Joe Chetcuti rather than yourself.

            We didn't even mention the Tumblety article by Simon Wood in the same issue!

            We greatly appreciate the opportunity to publish the excellent research by Joe and RJ; apologies to all concerned. Look out for an article from Joe in the coming months!

            Best wishes

            It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.



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              Moving right along...

              Apologies to Mr. Simon Wood for not starting a discussion of his recent article in this issue yesterday...."Smoke & Mirrors"...Simon's presentation of material ( numerous newspaper articles from a variety of sources) which support his view that the trip undertaken by Inspector Walter Andrews to the North American continent following Francis Tumblety's trip to the United States was not an effort to apprehend the quack....not only for homosexual offenses or Tumblety's possible culpability as the Whitechapel Murderer , but essentially a smoke screen, in Mr. Wood's termininolgy, in order to serve other Crown interests and purposes.

              In essence, Simon proposes that we should treat the candidacy of Tumblety with "caution", in light of his presentation of materials which make for good reading.

              If one of the several big guns who do research on Tumbelty and who are members of the Forums would care to carry this conversation further along, I think that would be the best of all possible worlds. Certainly, Tumbelty researchers are in the upper echelon of fact based researchers in Ripperology ( Riordan.Vanderlinden,Chetcuti,Palmer, and of course, SPE) it might be best if we let one of these gentleman carry the ball....unless someone else would kindly care to provide an opening question for the rest of the readers.

              Thank you.
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