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Whitechapel Society Journal Issue #97 April 2021

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  • Whitechapel Society Journal Issue #97 April 2021

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    I went right to The London Monster article by Jan Bondeson and Dennis Mohr. Jan wrote a very good book on this subject 20 years ago, and it is still a good read today. While reading the book, my take on it was that Rhynwick Williams was railroaded and should have been acquitted at his trial.

    I don't think that Williams was that good of a person, and he may have been guilty of other things. But still, he didn't get a fair shake at his trial when he was convicted for being The Monster. There was a lot of reasonable doubt.

    There is a 22 minute video on youtube about The London Monster. Dennis Mohr produced and directed it.


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      I went straight to Sue Parry's research on Mrs Fiddymont because I had recently done the same research myself for the new A to Z and was curious but very pleased to see that Sue had come to exactly the same conclusion as me.