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The Women Of Whitechapel ( 2012 )

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  • The Women Of Whitechapel ( 2012 )

    Written by the students and staff of the 2012 Lovewell Teen Sweden
    workshop. Filmed live at the Forum Theater, Oskarshamn on August 3rd.
    In London’s impoverished district of Whitechapel in 1888, the murder of a prostitute was lucky to receive any media coverage at all. But when a methodical killer with surgical precision and a penchant for taunting investigators strikes the women of East End, a new breed of fear is born. The city of London has created a monster- Jack the Ripper. The Women of Whitechapel is a thrilling race against the clock to crack the case before another victim is claimed. It is our take on history’s most infamous murder mystery.
    Written by the students and staff of the 2012 Lovewell Oskarshamn, Sweden workshop:
    ::Students:: Alice Ahnlide, Alma Ahnlide, Alina Berg, Martin Bergbäck, Daniel Bergenzaun, Malcolm Doremus Cuetara, Axel Bosson, Gustav Carlberg, Axel Carlsson, Jamie Cohen, Fredrik Davidsson, Alexander Ekengren, Martin Engström, Stephanie Ezekiel, Frida Furebring, Steven Gordon, Alexander Håkansson, Jonna Hägglund, Hilda Isaksson, Meredith Johnson, Mathilda Kruse, Arvid Lindmark, Linda Myhrman, Lisa Nilsson, OlleNordström, Michaela Norén, Agnes Oredsson, Charlotte Parnefjord, Tara Shafa,Sydney Shiekman, Philip Siemund, Sherie Spangler, Felicia Stålhammar, Frida Thelin, Josephine Thunell, Matt Tribby, Martina Woltze
    ::Staff:: Stage Director and Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist, Assistant Director: Jamie Johnson, Co-Music Director: Nils-Petter Ankarblom, Co-Music Director: Mats Petersson, Script Editor: Margie Spangler, Assistant Script Editor: Gabby Groten, Choreographer: Marcus Davis, Media and Design: Cecilia Träff, Administrator: Birgitta Pettersson, Additional Creative Assistance: Jennifer Nilsen, Andreas Persson, Markus Persson, Viola Larsson
    This show is available for licensing through our catalogue of new works. Please email Artistic Director, Carrie Gilchrist, at [email protected] for all the information.
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