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Jack The Ripper 1974

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  • Jack The Ripper 1974

    The Stage
    July 4, 1974

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    I was in London in 1974, I did go into this pokey little theatre to see a Jack the Ripper play. I can't for the life of me remember where I was, which theatre, but the play was, well, less than I expected. More like vaudeville than a play, I wasn't a theatre goer then, and I'm not now.
    I wasn't impressed, but you've got me wondering if this was the place.
    Regards, Jon S.
    The theory that the murderer is a lunatic is dispelled by the opinion given to the police by an expert in the treatment of lunacy patients......."If he's insane
    " observed the medical authority, "he's a good deal sharper than those who are not".
    Reynolds Newspaper, 4 Nov. 1888.