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Seventh International Congress of Hygiene and Demography, 1891

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  • Seventh International Congress of Hygiene and Demography, 1891

    Excerpt from "Reports and Meetings Held in London, Aug. 10-17, 1891"

    Thebe are a number of matters to be seen in the City of London of considerable interest to the sanitary expert. Four are specially important, viz.:—
    (1) The City Mortuary Buildings.
    (2) The Condemned Meat Shed.
    (3) Artizans' Dwellings.

    (4) The Destructor.
    I.—The Coroner's Couet. A compact block of buildings, which includes the keeper's lodge, the mortuary chapel, an unconsecrated building used for the reception of bodies; the Coroner's Court, post-mortem-room, and chemical laboratory. In connection with the last-named there is an unpretending but interesting nucleus of a museum. In the collection is a photograph of the writing found on one of the blocks of artizans' dwellings: "I am going to do one on the 27th;" signed. Jack the Ripper. Here also may be seen such objects of interest as have accumulated from the daily routine work of the sanitary department, such as old-fashioned lead D traps, riddled with holes from the action of the gases of decomposition; sections of pipes blocked by incrustations of calcium carbonate and in various other ways; specimens of holes gnawed by rats in lead water-pipes; large photograph of the horse ambulance, which may be used for the conveyance of any citizen, without payment; and also of the hand hearse used for the conveyance of bodies to the mortuary, both of these vehicles being kept on the premises. One side of the block of buildings is occupied by a furnace or refuse destructor and a disinfecting chamber, built by Leoni, which has been in constant use for the past twenty-one years. It is constructed to act with either dry or moist heat, or both. Articles, before being treated by heat, are passed through a sulphur chamber.
    "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"

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    Very interesting stuff, Magpie.


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      Good going Mag !
      Nice find,buddy.
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